1. Cypher Labs

    Cypher's First Grow

    Welcome to Cypher's very first, official indoor garden! It's been a long time coming, waited many years for legality and space. Not much space though as this will be an indoor closet grow. GOAL: Dense, quality medicine. Style attempting: Double FLUX. Should I be? NO.. Inspiration x...
  2. VexGrows

    Vex's 1st Fluxing: Be Gentle, Cookies Kush, PS Dwarf Star, RADDWC, Dewey Misters

    Hey All! :welcome: to my new GJ where I attempt to flux 1 plant following Light Addicts' detailed steps (thanks LA!) in a hybrid Recirculating Aero Dewey Deep Water Culture rig, dubbed "RADDWC". Don't judge me. lol ;) So please, sit back and enjoy the ride. Should be interesting, as PennyWise...
  3. L

    LilMissBubba's Kush In Soil For Outdoor Organic 1st Grow 2017 - I Want To Flux Her

    This is my very first grow. I've been using cannabis as a medicine for more than 10 years now and been an activist/advocate for much of that time but this is the first time I have had a place to grow. I have also worked in the "industry" as a budtender and I have worked for a consulting company...
  4. Monsignor

    Blue Dream In ProMix From Seed, August 2016

    Okay folks, Bear with me. This is my first grow and first journal on here. A little background... I decided to do some research to find a highly desirable strain that would do well indoors and have potentially large yield with easy to moderate difficulty. Originally I wanted to try my hand...
  5. Nismo12

    Fluxing Incredible! - Building It With Brix - DBHBB

    Hello everyone! :welcome: We are about to embark on an Incredible journey. Here we will be fluxing our way through this grow. We will be doing a Dr. Krippling's Increndible builk. “Bred to be a heavy weight performer, this plant does not disappoint. Ideally needs to be switched to flower...
  6. Light Addict

    Fluxing It Up One Last Time! The Flux To End All Fluxes! LA Style!

    HEY MY GREEN FAMILY, WELCOME TO MY LAST HURRAH TO MY OWN LITTLE STYLE OF TRAINING KNOWN AS "FLUXING!" This is going to be a long journey and one where I'll document everything one last time and in more detail than ever before! The fun bit being this will become the biggest flux ever! Im...
  7. Dan Ultra

    UD's Ultra Grow Extravaganza!

    Welcome to Wonderland! This will be a perpetual, ongoing journal with a few different grow techniques and strains. The plan is to have 1 photoperiod strain and adding in 1-2 autos while the photo grows out. Photoperiod strain = Purple Piss This is a strain bred by a friend of...
  8. VladimirPutin

    Vladimir's - Coco - Acapulco Gold - Flux - CMH 150W

    :420: :volcano-smiley: :thumb: Welcome , I have two females that were just fluxed today. Light Schedule : 24/0 Substrate : Coco 1 liter buckets PH 5.5-6.5 PPM Feed : 600 Food : Vlad's Inorganic Mix Air Temps : 70F Strain : Mystery Equatorial Age : 3 months Light : DIY LED full spectrum...
  9. MassMedMan

    MassMedMan's Perpetual Mainline

    Oh, noooooooo Mr. Bill cut the Cheese!! :sorry: I didn't think a grow of this kind deserved to be thrown in with my others. So, I decided to start a new journal dedicated to my grow attempt at Light Addicts FLUX technique,, on one of my Deep Cheese females. I'll come back later with info...
  10. G

    Twilight 600W LED Sponsored - Beta FLIM - YumYum

    :welcome: We will document progress growing in soil using all organic supplements. The LED panel has 200, 3 watt LEDs, sent from Twilght Group. Grow started from photoperiod, fem-seeds. Growing 8 plants, in 1.5 gallon containers. We are combining FIM with FLUX and calling it a FLIM...
  11. A

    CherryPie Cross - Rockwool & Flux - 2014

    Strain = Girl Scout Cookies Medium = Rock wool cubes on slabs Nutrients = General Hydroponics Seeds started 5/10/2014 Seeds were started by 1. Scoring with sandpaper in matchbox 2. Soaking in plain water for 24 hours 3. Napkins for approximately 24 hours 4. Transplant to rock wool...
  12. A

    White Widow Main Line in Rockwool - 2014

    Strain = White Widow (photo) Medium = Rock wool cubes on slabs Nutrients = General Hydroponics Seeds started 3/7/14
  13. trichomes

    Watch This Flux - 1st 420 Outdoor Fluxing - Presents Fluxy Lady - Fully Restrained

    Presenting “Fluxy Lady” fluxing evolution seen here first. 420 fluxing under the sun! Fluxing? Flux? "yes this style has been called by another name, one we will not deem to mention here!" The plant/girl is a very sticky strain. She was tortured, bound, bent & cherished. She lost a limb in...
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