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CherryPie Cross - Rockwool & Flux - 2014


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Re: Girl Scout Cookie - rock wool & flux - 2014

LA Sir - You are my inspiration for this thread! I have been main lining combined with defoil for some time and I came to 420 looking for some support on the technique and found your fluxing technique. I have read everything you have done and am truly impressed! With the main line I usually do 4 plants at 8 cola's each for 32 and when I saw you get 32 with one plant I was floored. I adapted LST using the training wire on my existing ML grow.

This is the first stab at journaling it so I started with my current WW/ML and now have it in a journal and these girl scout cookies should be ready for training later this week so I will post some pictures once I get started. Thanks for dropping in and I hope I can mimic your work in an acceptable fashion.

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Re: CherryPie Cross - rock wool & flux - 2014

Many thanks for those kind words my friend! :) Im not on here much for the next week. Then Im back, just holla anytime as Ill always do my best to aid anyone fluxing. Although from the sound of you ML experience etc your gonna be just fine :) :)
Liked your binding pics on flux central, its how I bind up if get a split. So thanks for aiding GF with that buddy! :)


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Re: CherryPie Cross - rock wool & flux - 2014

Subscribed and ready to learn.
I have a batch of clones I just moved to soil (cloned from my first ever grow in flower) so I will follow along and hopefully copy your success :)

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