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  1. MaxBloom

    led grow light for sale

    Hello Everyone, are you looking for some suitable led grow lights ? We are doing a promotion for our products, please check the details here Promotion Sale – eGrowLight , also if you use this coupon code egrowm0 , you will get some discount, come and buy ! :kiss::kiss::kiss:
  2. F

    Need some advice and some knowledge on LED veg/bloom switch to LED full spectrum please!

    Need some knowledge about LED to LED full spectrum I have just bought a new 1000w full spectrum light and right now my girls are on a 150w veg & bloom switch light and there 3 weeks in VEG cycle my question is can I make the switch without causing any issues I really don't want them to flower...
  3. Grow3_Day26.jpg


    TTKlaus Grow3
  4. Grow3_Day26 (4).jpg

    Grow3_Day26 (4).jpg

    TTKlaus Grow3
  5. Grow3_Day23.jpg


    TTKlaus 3rd Grow
  6. Grow3 Day21.jpg

    Grow3 Day21.jpg

    TTKlaus Grow 3
  7. Grow3 Day21 (4).jpg

    Grow3 Day21 (4).jpg

    TTKlaus Grow 3
  8. Grow3 Day21 (3).jpg

    Grow3 Day21 (3).jpg

    TTKlaus Grow 3
  9. Grow3 Day21 (2).jpg

    Grow3 Day21 (2).jpg

    TTKlaus Grow 3
  10. IMG_20180317_130657_Day60.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18 Day60
  11. N

    LED lights for 4x8

    Hi everyone newbie here. I have read sooooo much on lights and lights with a mover it is unreal. I am setting up an 4x8 spot with mylar on 3 sides. Looking at led full spectrum lights from seed to harvest. I want to invest wisely the first time. All suggestions appreciated. I do not live close...
  12. L

    Reinventing the Grow Light

    A startup out in Pennsylvania is rebranding a series of grow lights for interior design. Even includes a 420 package. What are your thoughts?
  13. Stan Yan

    Raysace LED Grow Lights Discussion

    Hi, All Raysace here Though we have been manufacturing grow lights since 2008, but I am sure Raysace is still a new face for most of you in 420Magazine.:420: Yes, our online shop just launch on March 30th. And we have been the 420Magazine Sponsor on May 1st. May Day. We are here to serve...
  14. T

    Twilight LED's 5 Best Grow Lights of 2014

    2014 was a great year for LED Grow lights here are our top 5 picks. Number one pick: MCOB Grow Lights MCOB looks quite different from most other LED Grow Lights LED Grow lights are going though some tough trials. From what we have seen,Twilightgroups, Spider 4x MCOB provides...
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