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fungus gnats

  1. A

    Fungus gnats - Need some advice

    So i was getting ready to start my grow this year and i noticed i have little flies inside my bag of soil from last year. I'm guessing they are fungus gnats. Does anyone have a suggesting for getting rid of them before i begin growing? I've read about baking the dirt, but if the dirt gets too...
  2. C

    First time indoor window only grow

    Hey guys, so I am new here, first time and so excited! Can you look at my plants and tell me what you think? I have 3 "Limon" sativa plants and 2 baby plants (1 is Columbian Diesel from seed from my weedshop) (the other is Mango from seed from my weedshop). I am seeing that my...
  3. ChocolatChunk

    A Small DWC - Two Coco & Perlite Plants Under A 6 Bulb Badboy T5

    Hello everyone, as the title says I am going to put together this here journal to show you all what can be achieved under fluorescent lights. I'm going to post pictures after the initial start is complete. I tried starting a journal last week, wrote so much information down and went to upload...
  4. M

    Fungus gnats in my plugs?

    I have been fighting a fungus gnat problem of late. Keeping top of soil dry, added liquid killer and mesquito bits on top. Weird thing is the plants seem most effected soon after planting. Yellowing leaves, tip curl, cupping but as soon as they go to harvest they seem to recover well and do...
  5. kanabot

    FoxFarm Soil and Bugs

    Hello all. I'm half way through my first grow using foxfarm ocean forest soil. For the most part, I like it. However, it seems to be a little "buggier" than other soils I've used. I'd like to try it again, and I don't want to bake it because it's pretty good with the beneficial bacterias and...
  6. basementdwell

    Fox Farms planting mix soil, fungus gnat larve in run off

    ok well last wk i got ffof and it contained fungus gnats and i knew right away its common so i baked it and pretty sure i got it all out. SO watering my other plants with different soils, i notices some stuff floating in the root resv ?? Strange i never saw it B4 so i took closer look with the...
  7. S

    larvae on the under side of my leaves

    I have a fungus gnat problem that i thought i had under control with Diatomaceous Earth. I noticed several of my lower leaves turing yellow with dark scarred specks from some sort of 1mm larvae sucking the life out of my leaves. they look like a pic of fugus gnat larvae but every where i look...
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