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  1. Ron Strider

    Australia: Hemp Seeds Legalized - Gold Coast Business Sells Hemp Gelato And Lollipops

    Prepare to see hemp seeds everywhere – but don't expect to get a buzz. The controversial seeds, which have long been associated with drug culture, will be legal to consume in food products from November 12, and have been touted as the next big 'superfood' packed with vitamins and...
  2. M


    List your favorite thing to eat stoned or favorite weed-infused food... Ready? ~ GO! Mine is Talenti caramel cookie crunch gelato.
  3. KnottyDread

    2 Bubbleicious Autos - Gelato Clones - Scrog - 800W LED - Indoor & Outdoor

    Waaaat it do....im back hopefully this time to perfect my craft....So this time I'm going with 2 Bubbalicious autos I got online got 5 in total. Was smoking on some Gelato 45 and it was super fire but out of all of it I was blessed with a seed. The other bag seed was from alright PR. I'm outside...
  4. lxstnr

    Lx's Multi Strain Soil Grow - 2017

    Alright this is my second attempt at a journal hopefully get this one right..! What strain is it? Gorilla dosha (gg4 x dosidos), Gelato, random seed gifted by a friend Gorilla Dosha: Indica / Sativa: 75/25 Gelato: Indica / Sativa: 55/45 Random: not sure Currently in flower Vegged for 2-2...
  5. M

    Mr CatNaps' First Grow

    Hello Friends, I've been medicinally using cannabis to treat my ADHD since I was 16. Previously I was on different prescribed amphetamines. 8 Years later I am still in love and ready to start growing! I did a ton of research and decided to pick up all my stuff before making a post. I tend to...