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  1. Bubbafreed

    Clones Possible 3 Days Into 12/12?

    Guys and girls can I clone from plant that I have just put into 12/12 3-4 days in? Your feedback would be much appreciated
  2. unkied

    Anyone Seen This Before? Two-tone!

    My girls (4 White Widow) age 10-11 weeks since seed, have had all sorts of ongoing issues reflected in various leaf maladies, each one resembling several different pictures on several different "nutrient deficiency" charts, but as of late I have just learned to mostly ignore it and just love...
  3. Ron Strider

    Sessions Hints At Shift In Federal Marijuana Enforcement

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday gave his strongest signal yet that the Justice Department's more hands-off approach to marijuana enforcement may soon be changing. Sessions said that the department is looking "very hard right now" at a directive carried over from the Obama...
  4. Ron Strider

    Former Attorney General Says Jeff Sessions' War on Marijuana Is A Waste Of Time

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions' apparent plans to prosecute medical marijuana distributors in states that have legalized it are a waste of time, according to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who said the U.S. had bigger priorities to focus on. "With respect to everything else going...
  5. Ron Strider

    Fake Data On Marijuana Is Spewed By A Government Agency

    Government-rooted misinformation has long been central to the very existence of War on Drugs. From government-sponsored anti-marijuana campaigns to the familiar talking points used by politicians over the decades, the Drug War has always been fueled by alleged facts that have no basis in...
  6. Ron Strider

    "Incomplete And Unreliable" - Jeff Sessions Is Using Bogus Weed Stats

    Washington state wants Jeff Sessions to do his homework about weed. Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson both released statements last week criticizing the U.S. attorney general for a July letter he sent them which they say used faulty information to judge the impact of...
  7. G

    Fertilizer help

    So I've got 4 seedlings under a 600 watt mh in a 4x4 tent. Went the the local(canada) farmers market to get fertilizer. Well to say i was overwhelmed is an understatment. Left with nothing lol. Most were of the brand names General Hydroponics or General Organics....there was Bio Weed, Bio...
  8. Ron Strider

    Hemp Bill In General Assembly To Allow Legal Growth In Illinois

    A hemp bill is in the General Assembly. It would allow marijuana to grow legally in the state and could mark a major shift for growers if approved. Some say this addresses a lack of marijuana regulations. According to the Hemp Business Journal, hemp products have increased 30 percent to...
  9. MikkaTheEnt

    Grow #5 - Holy Grail Kush

    My tent is vacant and all systems off, being cleaned today, so it's time to start another grow: Date started: 12 July 2017 Germination: Soaked seeds 24 hours in pH balanced water, transferred to Rooter plugs in germination station Seed(s): feminized Holy Grail Kush photoperiod from Attitude...
  10. Ron Strider

    KY: Bevin And Beshear Ask Judge To Dismiss Medical Marijuana Lawsuit

    Gov. Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear want a Frankfort judge to dismiss a lawsuit calling for the legalization of medical marijuana in Kentucky. In a motion filed Monday in Franklin Circuit Court, Bevin's attorneys said medical marijuana is a "political question" that should be...
  11. Q

    Let's talk LEDs

    My next grow will be with LEDs and I'm looking for opinions on the best ones and general info about them all and any info welcome
  12. totalnoob

    Could use a little help please

    I have some Humboldt seeds Green Crack that are 7 weeks old. they went from 3 gallons pots to 25 gallon fabric pots about a week ago. in the 3 gallon pots they were in Happy frog and ocean mix soil, and I was using General Organics Grow, and General Hydroponics Cal-mag. now in the 25 gal pots...
  13. Ron Strider

    Roger Stone Urges Trump To Not Interfere With States That Have Legalized Marijuana

    Former Donald Trump presidential campaign advisor Roger Stone, is calling on the president to uphold his pre-election promise regarding marijuana legalization as his attorney general appears closer than ever to reining in states with legal weed. The longtime Republican strategist recently...
  14. Ron Strider

    Marijuana News Roundup: US Attorney General To Give Pot A Pass?

    Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper met with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week and left the meeting with the distinct understanding that the recreational marijuana industry will not face the federal crackdown that it had feared. According to an editorial in the Denver Post, the big...
  15. R

    New Hydro Setup?

    Hello people, Im putting together a wish list for a new grow. I've done the organic thing a fair few times but now I want to up my game. Please can you people in the know look through this spec and let me know what you think?? Grow Tent BudBox Pro - 1m x 1m x 1.8m Propagation...
  16. K

    PA: Auditor General Looks To Bring Marijuana To Help With Budget Shortfall

    YORK COUNTY, Pa. - According to Pennsylvania's Auditor General, the marijuana industry is expected to bring in $20 billion in revenue and offer 280,000 jobs in the next decade. He wants to bring the recreational marijuana industry right here to Pennsylvania all in an effort to help tackle the...
  17. S

    General Questions About DWC & Autos

    This is my first DWC experience, and it started a little shaky. The plant was an auto that was stunted at growth (not sure why). So I yanked it from soil and put it in my DWC bucket. Low and behold it is now growing at a pretty fast rate. So here are my questions: 1. For a first timer...
  18. Sypherz

    Question about nutes

    OK so I've been using just some organic ferts that I could find locally. I've been considering ordering some nutes but there are so many choices out there and Im just curious as to which is better from ur experiences.. I'm growing in soil ATM and will be trying hydro dwc on my next grow. The...
  19. WillGrow510

    1st Grow Thai Stick CFL & LED 340 Real Watts Soil With Gen Organics

    Hello! So excited to be here. It has been since forever I have smoked down and never really grew before. Now that it's legal in Cali, it's all I can think of. Can't wait for the licenses to come out, so I'm growing my own! So, after much research, here we are: Thai Stick Seeds purchased from...
  20. K

    Editorial - Legal Marijuana May Be Doomed Next Year

    Big Marijuana might have a big problem. It's called Sen. Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump's pick to head the Department of Justice as the next attorney general. It is probably unwise to invest in marijuana production and trade before the Washington transition concludes. Consider...
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