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  1. meejay

    Germination Speed: What does it say?

    Hello everyone, Suppose you have germinated three different seeds from a seed-bag; one of the seeds germinate very fast and it is ready to be planted in 3 days second seed germinate moderately fast and it is ready to be planted in in 7 days third seed germinates in 14 days but still cannot...
  2. F

    White Widow Week 9: Is This Ready?

    Hi, I have a white widow that is almost into its 10th flowering week. I bought a scope over a week ago to check the trichomes, but it's not come and I don't think I have time to order another one. Please can anyone give me their beast guess if this is ready yet? Its my first grow so I'm not...
  3. 20200330_101307 IIP harvest chop.jpg

    20200330_101307 IIP harvest chop.jpg

    It's It Punch chop, flip day 70
  4. 20200330_102542 IIP roots.jpg

    20200330_102542 IIP roots.jpg

    It's It Punch chop roots, flip day 70
  5. 20200330_155235 IIP harvest chop.jpg

    20200330_155235 IIP harvest chop.jpg

    It's It Punch chop, flip day 70
  6. 20200330_160722 IIP harvest hanging.jpg

    20200330_160722 IIP harvest hanging.jpg

    It's It Punch chop, flip day 70
  7. Ydro93

    Ready to cut? 1st time Harvesting Trichome pics

    So I have these two ladies who are in week 11 or 12 into flowering. i been flushing for the past 2 weeks ‘ they have been 48 hrs in darkness. I’ve cut some to take some pics of the trichomes please leave any comments or advice I’d highly appreciate it!
  8. R

    1st time grow when to harvest

    This is also my unidentified strain its a toss between haze xl or critical purple she is also 11 weeks tomorrow ( plant up front )
  9. R

    White or transparent trichomes? Pics

    Hello everyone, this is my first crop, I have been in bloom for 7 weeks, I would like to know if an experienced grower can give me light on how this plant is going, if I should make a flush or how much more I should wait to harvest. I would appreciate your help, thanks.
  10. Ydro93

    1st time not sure when to start harvest

    Good evening 420 community! So It is my first time harvesting & I’m not too sure how to know when they’re ready. I ordered a micro lens to look into the trichomes but until then how can I know when it’s ready to get chopped? they are on week 9 day 59 into the flowering stage. I’m using a 1000w...
  11. IMG_20200219_194651.jpg


    Half of her is staying in dark for 24 hrs then I'll chop and hang the rest only have room for few more bags of bud for slow and low on fridge.
  12. IMG_20200204_202018.jpg


    Bruce banger fem big shot before the axe
  13. Brickie74

    Sour Diesel almost ready!

    Getting so close… So hard to hold off when you’re getting in the days. I usually like to wait till I’m at about 20% Amber trichomes before I harvest. Right now at about 7-10%.
  14. IMG_20200114_210420.jpg


    Well dark devil auto by sweet seeds down chopped at 48 days flower . Bit early but saw lots of cloudy looking for a good head high on this sativa dominant plant .
  15. received_736380713495172.jpeg


    White Widow #1 clone harvest day.
  16. IMG_5839.JPG


    Wet Weight and light trim 125 Gram, That's a PB for me ^^
  17. sloppy, wet, trim: a QUICKIE!

    sloppy, wet, trim: a QUICKIE!

    perks of oil: prolly won't have to address them, again.
  18. perks of oilers

    perks of oilers

    QUICK, SLOPPY, WET, TRIM. aahhhem. still, n the closet.
  19. one more, to go

    one more, to go

    sigh. the fun part... yes n no. love to c effort, rewarded. despise, trimming. couple beasts.
  20. get ur mind outta the gutter

    get ur mind outta the gutter

    well, i dunno how much they gave, for that Mickey mouse cow, but this one's obviously ready for the happiest place on earth! could even double, for mickey's nose, at the mid section of ol walt's statue! if u aligned it, "appropriately".
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