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  1. CraCraCarl11

    To flush or not to flush when too much moisture?

    Ok I got a kinda ok 3in1 meter online n I tested it. Seems ok as far as readings. I noticed ph of soil is about 7.5 I know way too high. All but 1 plant seem fairly healthy. All show some signs of over watering which I can't help been weeks of rain. 1 has a leaf that's just dieing and being...
  2. K

    Beginner Parent

    Hey everyone , I started my first grow , loving it so far , it's just nice to spend time with the ladies. I picked Plagron's coco coir for the reason it was easy on shipping. I made a (about) 70-30 Coco/Përlite mix and I put "rocks" ( forgot the name ) on the bottom of each 5 gallon pots. I'm...
  3. C

    I noticed bleach yellow spots around the tip of one of my leaves

    Today i noticed some bleach yellow spots patched around one of the tips of the leaf of my plant. i am guessing its a nutrient burn as i upped my feed to half strength from a quater strength in the last feed. i have since gave it a feed of just p.h water and calmag. any advice would be...
  4. J

    Help, not sure when to harvest!

    The plant is 5 months and 2 weeks old. I have no idea when I’m supposed to harvest, I tried researching and without knowing what strain it is I couldn’t figure it out.
  5. C

    Cpt Clapped needs your help!

    So I’m growing autos , I’m in week 4 and noticed some thrips , I used natural stuff and I think I used too much because the next day the leaves were burnt an orange colour I looked to see if it’s rust and apparently if you rub the leaf The rust goes onto you’re finger So that wasn’t the case...
  6. B

    First grow, could use some help

    Hey all, This is my first attempt at growing, I could really use some tips/advice. I found this seed in a batch of sour diesel and thought about germinating it, so I did. I have two other seed germinating that are lav og and berry og. I have attached some pictures this plant is roughly 4-5 weeks...
  7. Ydro93

    I'm new to this indoor growing, help

    Good evening 420 community! I have started my first indoor grow They are 3 Apple Fritter Cookies, 3 Gorilla Glues & 2 that are unknown lol. I Planted the seeds on May 5, 2019 in 2 pound pots. They are inside a 5ft x 5ft x 6.5ft tent and I believe we have a “ColoFocus” full spectrum 600w light...
  8. D

    Help please blue berry auto in trouble

    So i’ve got two blue berry autos going at the moment on my profile i have all the specs of my grow can anyone tell me if this is normal it’s the 3-4 week budding and the buds arnt fattening up any help please
  9. M

    First Time Grower

    it's my first time growing , I planted my first seedling today , I'm using 2x40w and 2x12w and 2x23w CFL lights , and 2 pc fans in a "space bucket" .. I plan on using a 10l bucket as a pot , with 1 Northern Lights fem seed , I'm using ENG nutrients, with promix 90/10 coco -perlite as a...
  10. BigShanDog

    Help - Am I doing it right first grow?

    Hey fellow dudes and dudetes im growing a single plant no idea of strain as the seed is a bag seed and had no idea of what the weed was im a total amateur my friend Papa Blue grew it under 12/12hour cycle 400 watt hps for its seedling stage now its at the start of the vege im growing it under a...
  11. M

    Help - I think they are under-watered

    i have 3 pineapple kush and 1 blue mystic under 2 300 watts hydro mars LED week 2 flowering 12/12 light cycle im certain they arent over watered but could possibly be under watered... any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated!!! ive oploaded a picture below if you guys cant see it...
  12. L

    New grow - Setting up HPS & carbon filter.

    Hello everyone!! I recently purchased almost everything for my own grow tent, the last thing I need is the carbon filter and I have a good clue on which one I'm getting (Rhino 4'' 100mm 280mtr3 per hour) in my 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.6m grow tent, that's enough isn't it?? I am having a little...
  13. B

    Just need advice

    Hey just looking for some tips, and general answers for my question. My plants are nearing completion just wanted to double check when I move onto canna flush, for flushing before harvest should I still be adding feed a+b to the solution with flush or just flush? I'm currently using a soil...
  14. SensiSirena

    What's killing my seedlings?!

    New to forums, new to growing. Did a good amount of a research (I thought, apparently not). I have an in closet set-up using a metal halide lamp, approx 22 inches from top of plants. Enclosed with a makeshift aluminum barrier. Started all seed in paper towel till sprouted (about 7days). Put in a...
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