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  1. Km021

    New growth leaves are looking waxy shiny

    IdK why new growth is looking shiny waxy n leaves are looking deformed, its only with top of the plant . Could you please have a look to the photo n tell me what is going on with this plant? Thanks queen @Emilya
  2. K

    Spidermite and maybe zinc deficiency - Help and insight would be greatly appreciated

    Hello!! I have browning and die-off at the tips of my leaves. I was thinking a zinc deficiency, as they've been outside and have been receiving rain instead of a feed regiment. I'd love some insight on whether this is a correct diagnosis or if there are other suggestions. Another...
  3. H

    Luck33y7's Stealth Auto Sugar Mama - Soil - LED - 2x4 Tent - Affordable - 2017

    :welcome::420: Sugar Mama Auto from Feminisedseeds.co.uk Hybrid, 70% Sativa Seed Indoor Soil Fox Farms Ocean Forest 3 Gallon Fabric pot or earth box 300 Watt LED affordable galaxyhydro...probably lower than stated... :S 2x2x4 Tent in closet So Hopefully this will be a success...
  4. D

    I need help - Black spots on leaves

    hello guys I have a little problem with my plan. It has 02 months and this period has appeared some black dots on top of the leaves. In the first two leaflets he appeared when I cut them afraid ploriferar this fungus, only I do not know how to avoid this fungus or removing it. In my research...
  5. kaylablazeit

    How to transplant my older plants - Help!

    How do I transplant my older plants? They are in big 5 gallon pots , so I gotta know how to transplant them properly so I don't damage them. The reason I am transplanting is because they have symphillids/aphids in them , so I need to transplant them and must them with end all , which brings me...
  6. K

    Help Please - first time taking cutting not sure if there's something wrong

    hi ther fellow growers n smokers jst looking for some help here as i took cutting 7 days ago now they were no sings of anything before i went to work this morning and wen i got bk i went to foilage feed them an i noticed they are starting to turn yellow at the new growth is this normal ...
  7. L

    Need help with 2 week old plant please!

    i bought this seedling on sunday and had it on a 24 hour light on cycle so it could get use to my lights now today i switched it to 18/6 but see i dont know when to start the cycle dark or light period first (lights dont go off till 8 tonight) ? and is it a good idea doing this ? also my plant...
  8. K

    Will I pass drug test? Please help!

    I usually never smoke. and By saying that, I've only smoked 3 times the past 3 days. Not much.. I am NOT a regular smoker.. I now have a unexpected drug test coming up for probably sometime this week.. I need to know since I'm not a regular smoker, will it take less time to get out of my...
  9. M

    More information about niacin

    So let me first say please don't tell me that using niacin pills to pass a drug test doesnt work because i know it does i have numerous friends that use it to pass drug tests all the time. my situation is im gonna be randomly drug tested several times a month for the next three months and i...
  10. J

    First time grower - need help - video

    How to Grow Mary J: Vegetation Stage - YouTube First Time Grower Indica Og Kush 14 plants flowering - 5 days closet grow 2'x6'x5 soil - miracle grow potting mix (too late) 8" pots 2 - 400W HPS two fans, but not really air cooled, leaving closet cracked since i added two hps...
  11. T

    Hermies keeporkill?

    I am a first timer and out of my 90 babies 30 are hermies and the rest female. my mentor told my to kill all of them. I feel I have the space to seperate but not the knowledge. What should I do keep or kill? Pls help me.
  12. H

    First Grow Every! Indoor Caramelicious Seeds in Soil

    Hi everyone! After RoorRipfor quite awhile I've decided to defray my herbage costs and attempt a small indoor grow. I've been following grow journals on this site for the past year and finally have gathered together the courage I need to get started. I ordered 10 Caramelicious seeds online...
  13. A

    First Time Grower

    Hey everyone I'm a first time grower and ive been studying up and watching videos and reading articles. I germinated my seeds and planted 2 of them just for starters so ill have a better chance to get females. one of my plants is at i think 2 weeks and the other is at about 3 days just...
  14. T

    help me height resctrictions

    i have a 4'6" grow closet can i get some tips on how to keep my shit from hitting the fan?? pruning, training techniques, topping?
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