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  1. G

    Need help asap: Have deficiency

    So, I'm coming off week 10 D76. This yellow spots have starting showing up around the bud site sugar leafs. Can anyone tell me what they are. All other fan leafs are totally healthy. Thanks.
  2. B

    Advice on harvesting bonsai’d plant

    Hello! I’m a first time grower and I accidentally bonsai’d my plant! I’m just looking for some advice on how to harvest my plant. There isn’t much of a bud there. I’ll include a photo of it from last week (now all pistils brown) and I’ll post a picture of it now when I get home in a couple of...
  3. T

    White spots on new fan leaves

    Hi everyone! New grower here, and I’m after some advice. I’m not sure if the thread I’m posting on is correct, so let me know if I’m in the wrong place. These two spots appeared on my baby plant and I was unable to deduce the cause. Hoping it’s not a insect problem as I lack neem-seed oil...
  4. CC7B6386-0485-43FA-B168-E4B739063F0C.png


    Spider mites correct? There are more do feel like it’s gone down a bit . Being attacked next treatment I will hit with 70% usp alcohol to a mil per litre ?
  5. HashGirl

    Crop King Hash Plants Dying?

    Good morning. My husband planted 5 Hash Plants in the spring and they were doing pretty well until the drought ended. We've had rain often in the past 3 or 4 days and the leaves on the plants are now drooping and going yellow and brown and he thinks it's from all the rain but adding nutrients...
  6. G

    Noob's Grow Using Williams Wonder Seeds

    Starting my journal for my first of many grows. Looking forward to see how these Williams wonder seeds do under all the research I have done with lighting that I can afford and nutes schedule I have learned from Atrain and thebeast27. I am starting off with single CFL bulbs, 5 gallon bucket with...
  7. K

    3 leafers

    Hi guys I have a mate of a mates mate that is doing a 600watt tent grow with an auto watering system he is 7 weeks in and just switched to bud lights at 6 weeks as the pistols shooting he is using rhyzontonic rooting and part a and b tonic but noticed yesterday the plants are only shooting 3...
  8. D

    Need Help ASAP

    Im a beginner and my plants have done ok till now, there in flowering stage and a couple of the leaves look like their dying, i use about a teaspoon of FLora Gro to every gallon, water every other day ph level 6.5..please let me know any advise,thank you,not sure you can see the pic i copied...
  9. V

    Hello - Honest to god advice is required

    Hi everyone, First off I'd like to say great forums and an amazing community :) . Second I would like pose a proposal, more or less, asking an moderately professional grower to help give me the final ready to buy items for a complete Cannabis growing kit. Price range is 600~1600$ Will be...
  10. H

    Need to Provide Clean Urine by Saturday 02/16/13

    Okay... So i am your every day stoner. Last time I smoked was yesterday, which was Wednesday 02/13/13. I have to take a drug test (urine) this Saturday. The location I have to give the drug test at is technically a branch of a hospital. (The job is not for a hospital position, by the way.)...
  11. WizHigh

    Cloning quick question?

    This is a quick question. Can you take main branches with 5 or more nodes and then cut it in half to make 2 clones from 1 main side branch? Is that possible? I plan on taking alot of clones from one of my plants and im planning on using everything instead of cutting and wasting lower branching.
  12. WizHigh

    ZINC Deficiency Is taken Over My Plants. In Need Of Help!

    PH of my soil is 6.5-6.8. I already know its a zinc def. At first im thinking maybe a zinc def due to lack of nitrogen but now Im thinking its a zinc overload. ive also been using tap water which can cause a zinc def due to to much chlorine. But ive been using water conditioner which kills...
  13. WizHigh

    Vegging for 2 months - Measurements of Nutes for 2nd Month?

    Im getting my plants ready for the second month of veg. Im using GH FloraNova products using at 4ml per gallon. Im also using advanced nutrients "Rhino Skin" using at 10ml per gallon. And also Grandma's Molasses mixing at 1tbsp/gallon, Old Age Kelp 2tbs/gallon, Hydrozyme 10ml/gallon., and CaMg+...
  14. WizHigh

    Can you cause a lock out foilar feeding?

    Pretty much the title is the question. So I need to know, my plants are going threw some type of lockout and I dont think its from my soil
  15. WizHigh

    I See Roots!? Or Am I seeing things?

    First time cloning and I think I have lift off with Stany Dank clone :thumb: These are roots right? I went to tug on the little one and she slipped out the starter plug and I seen white, dont know if it was fungus are what. I placed it back in the dome and mist of course before replanting it in...
  16. WizHigh

    16 tops Going for 30?

    I topped my plant on threw different grow sites. The main grow site turned into 3 tops and 2 of the side branches are just 2 tops. I want to top the rest of the grow sites and turn them into 30 or more grow sites all together. Is it possible? How many tops has any ever reach with out the plant...
  17. WizHigh

    Not sure if its Iron or -N?

    Getting straight to the point with pics. I figure if its a nitrogen def then I have to up the dosage on N and turn on the heat at night because it gets a little cold in the room. The growth rate has slowed so im thinking its nitrogen def. I started to think well maybe its feeding on its self...
  18. WizHigh

    Being sick around your plants

    Its starting to get cold around here and I usually come down with a cold around this time. Is it safe to be around my plants or what? I feel this cold coming on early.
  19. WizHigh

    Grow sites, the awkwardness?

    Im getting right to it with pics. Have anyone seen or know why these grow sites are growing out of wack? Tryd to get my camera as clear as I could but there twisting and dont look like they open.
  20. WizHigh

    Whats the best way to fix an Nitrogen Overload def?

    Its been two weeks and I transferred one of my plants twice already because IDK if its the PH of the soil or what?? Im stop giving nutes and just been feeding with water with super thrive and CaMg+ added to the mix. also kelp. I flushed twice since this started with PH water and ive also used a...
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