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  1. N

    New Hydroponic grower needing some tips....

    Hello my fellow 420 lovers... 420 Magazine ® :tokin::tokin:420 Magazine ® last monday i planted 15seeds in 1" rockwool cubes... i messed up by putting them in nutrient water 1st instead of just regular water. Two of the 15 seeds have already started to grow above ground and are about 4-5...
  2. D

    Hello all

    Hello im Dandylion Kincaid a medical grower in southern Nevada las Vegas area and i run a consulting business for New medical grower to learn how to grow and and supply the with a variety of medical strains ready to induce flowering i do not charge but respectfully ask for a small percentage of...
  3. T

    Diagnosis Confirmation, pics & details

    Hello, I'm using some "bag seeds" for my first grow, so not sure what strain(s). I have 3 plants (one died early). The plants have been "above ground" for 18 days. This is an indoor grow with 1 4ft 54watt T5 flouro and 2 4ft 32watt T8 flouros (6500kelvin/2700lumens ea.). I'm growing them in a...
  4. G

    please help ASAP and save my trees

    hi. i have planted my seeds directly in the soil in my indoor room and been under lights 24h for 3 days. should i turn the lights out? what is the perfect heat degree in my case. or should i keep the lights on?
  5. I

    First grow: OG kush (the begining)

    strain: OG kush (Indica) stage: veg (17on/7off) Veg. length: 4 days since date of purchase where: Indoor In: soil mix: organic potting soil with natural fertilizers pot size: 2 gallon Light: 100watt cfl @ 1in from plant temp of room: averages about 75f Pests: none (but there is wilting on the...
  6. Y

    Planning 1st Time - Small Tower Closet Conversion?

    Hello All, I am new here. I am in the process of planning my 1st grow.. I have little\no supplies at the moment. (Few low watt cfl bulbs for around the appt..) (entire appt is already on cfl entirely) I want to turn something like this small area of space. Preferably into a relatively...
  7. S

    Squintygrl w/first-timer questions about plant/stage- please check out pics!

    Questions at bottom! Thanks in advance!:439: These pictures are of the same plant, taken on the same day (11-13-08). Planted around mid-July (about 4 months old?). Its growing in Miracle Gro Potting Mix in approx 2gal container. Central Florida weather (hot days, cool nights now...
  8. B

    As If I Were Senial.. Plz

    I have "Organic Mix" an all purpose potting soil and enriched with organic fertilizer. Do I need anything else pertaining to the ground works if you will? I have three week and a half old plants that I only used tap water with that was boiled and sat out for 48hrs. Plants are in a cup 3times...
  9. chaosridden

    This one is rough.

    I am starting to grow my first plants EVER. I am working out of a closet space of MAYBE 9 square feet(estimated) but am only growing 3 plants for now.. They have already sprouted and are about 3 inches tall. but only have 4 little leaves. 2 of which are kind of rounded and 2 are pointy. Yes it...
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