1. The Physicist

    315W LEC vs 300 HLG Quantum Board

    Nebula Haze completed her 300 HLG QB vs 4000k Hortilux Bulb (Vertical Alignment) and results are below: Note: shes admits that no defoliating was done and therefore the LEC lower buds were mostly thrown into trim and that reduced the weight, which also in turn makes smaller buds and lower THC...
  2. Growgurl

    Only SolisTek lamps in SolisTek Ballasts?

    Hi there, I'm finding it difficult to find any online forums which discuss this exact topic. I just bought a pair of SolisTek Matrix 1000w digital ballasts and WAS going to run them with Hortilux lamps (600w for veg and 1000w for flower). That was until someone mentioned Hortilux's don't...
  3. Emilya Green

    Have you seen what Hortilux has done with T5s!

    Oh my... Please add a bunch of these to my wish list. At almost $30 USD per bulb, compared to $6 for plain T5s, these had better be all they are cracked up to be... and if my presently owned and operating Hortilux Blue Eye Metal Halide bulb is any indication, they will be. Here is the...
  4. M

    Hortilux 1000W HPS vs White Halo 1000W HPS

    Whats Up Guys! It was time to change my 1000W HPS bulbs for a new cycle. So, I went down to my local Hydro store to pick up some new hortilux bulbs. But my boy started to tell me about some new bulbs they got in called White Halo bulbs. He was raving about them, and how they maxed out the PAR...
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