1. Gadget Man

    Gadget Guy's PermaDream 1st DIY RDWC Journal

    Wazzup! Gadget Man's first grow. Here's the stats: Tent: 3x3x6 Light: Mars Hydro II 900 Water: R/O!!! Nutes: GH Flora Series Micro/Bloom/Gro, Rapid Start, Floralicious Plus, CalMagic One 18 gal tote RDWC 950 Gph O2 air pump (3 LG stones in tote, 1 in control) Active Aqua 1000 Gph water pump...
  2. 20180604_113624.jpg


    Indica hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
  3. 20180526_153559.jpg


    Sativa hybrid last day of week 4 of the flowering period
  4. M

    New grower with some DWC questions - Please help!

    Hello, I'm planning my 1st ever grow and I have some DWC questions. Here's a description of my setup Tent: 3x3x6 Light: Phytomax 2 200 Seeds: Feminized White Widow and Feminized CB Dutch Treat from CropKingSeed Training: LST and scrog For my 1st grow, I want to take it easy and only grow...
  5. Mariano Gomes

    First grow shopping list 5 x 5 hydroponic LED tent help

    So this is what I came up with researching for a week I need to cut costs though so any suggestions for different products btw I live by the equator so our problem here is heat and high humidity. P.S. I copied and pasted this from amazon sorry for the stuff with underlines and different colors...
  6. velvet knobs

    Growing hydro-weed with other plants

    Hey. I just got a grow-cabinet and I'm excited to start growing once my seeds come. But I'd like to grow other plants, too. Mainly food, herbs, etc. Can my plants share the same box if they have similar watering/light/temperature needs? Or will they fight each other for resources? Should I just...
  7. aceknight

    Deep Water Culture System Cleaning

    Fill water buckets with spring or filtered rainwater. Add three teaspoons of Hydrogen Peroxide to the tank/bucket and run the system for 3 hours. Dump the water and refill with clean water. Before running DWC System again, throw airstones into a pot of boiling water for 13 mins. DO NOT USE...
  8. G


    i was wondering if i were to use a hydroponic system, not dissimilar to seedolab, do i still need to germinate the seeds?
  9. G


    i was wondering if i were to use a grow system, not dissimilar to the Seedolab hydroponic system, would i still need to germinate the seeds?
  10. G

    Drip Feed Hydroponic

    It's a very simple design, yet I hope it will show me the results, I am looking for! This is my first day at Hydroponics. I've made a fair effort at studying the different types of systems! I am using Clay Pabbles and seedlings sits in rockwool. For the next few days I will be adjusting the...
  11. B

    Best hydroponic system for indoor?

    What is the best hydroponic system for a 4x4 tent and a 4x8 tent? Looking for the most-efficient system that produces the best quality possible ☺
  12. A

    Need help quick

    First time grower here... I germinized my 3 seeds, auto flower dwarf they popped great and sprouted. Then I planted in small cups, everything is going great. About a day after I switched from regular daylight to my hydroponic tent with a 450w vipraspectra light and a fan. I did that before I...
  13. D

    Fully automated hydroponics

    I've spent the past year learning everything I could about traditional and vertical hydroponic farming, such as: Nutrient dosing / drifting amounts over growth stages pH ranges / drifting and micro adjusting Full nutrient feedings vs. top off feedings Concentrate levels between feeding types...
  14. H

    Mold In Hydroponic Growing Container

    Hello, I started two auto-flowering (Kush and Jock Horror) plants a month ago in a 3' hydroponic grow box. I forgot to cover the cut-outs not used (there were no net pots in those spaces). As the plants started growing, leaves started turning brown, and I thought the grow box was too hot (95+...
  15. B

    Is it normal that leaves start to sagging down after light switched off?

    I got 2 hydroponics. They both feeding from the same reservoir, and they both growing well. But one of the plant start sagging straight after the light is switched off. When the light is back on, the plant also recovers. Is it normal? Or am I doing something wrong? thanks for advice Here's...
  16. B

    Hello from downunder

    Hi everyone, I am a beginner, never planted anything before. I decided to try it, because needing it for medical purposes. With some help of a friend started a hydroponic system. Two hydroponic and one in a pot - just in case the other two don't make it. I already had problems, because the...
  17. S

    Aquarium LED Lighting Work?

    Hey everyone, I just joined this amazing resource as I am just starting out with this new "hobby." I am currently setting up 2 clones in individual 5 gallon buckets and a 4x4x6 tent. I do have some questions regarding the lighting as I understand this is incredibly important. To make a long...
  18. S

    Small Tent Grow - Incredible Bulk Feminised

    Date: 5/22/2017 Time: 5:00 P.M. Strain: Incredible Bulk (Feminized) Type: Mostly Indica Breeder: Dr. Krippling Genetics: Big Bud x Super Skunk x Green Spirit I've had a few good soil grows under my belt; as well as a few failures; but have somehow managed to stay high throughout...
  19. C

    So lost

    I have three plants growing right now in my Hydroponic system. I have two Quick Bud AF seeds and a White Widow XXL AF, all three were started at the same time. Two of the plants, the WW and one of the QB are clearly sick. When looking at them under the growlight, (LED 240W) you can see spotting...
  20. yyc420

    DWC WW Autoflower

    Hey everyone, fresh grow starting. Happy to have anyone hop on board. Setup: 2x ww auto seeds Medium- DWC recirculating 2x 5 Gallon buckets Nutrients/Suppliments - Advanced Nutrients pH perfect M/B/G trio, AN Bud Candy, AN Sensizyme Lights - Various: (2x 1000w LED, 2x 150w HPS, 1x 100w...