1. S

    Help! Anyone any ideas what this is and what treatment?

  2. B

    Just looking for a few ideas about changing up

    Current set up is a 4x8 with 6...5gal Dwc. 3x philips 315 Humidity is s constant struggle, it's usually high. Room is 60, nutes stored at 60. Tap water, GH 3 part nutes, pH to 6.0 and 10 ml of UC roots about once a week. 700 ppm. Seeds and clones separate, tap water, 6.0 same temps...
  3. Sativasavvy

    New to growing and excited to get great advice and ideas!

    Eager! I am growing 7 different strains on my first outdoor grow in a 6*8*6.4 greenhouse. I am licensed and very thankful for this opportunity to be highly involved in my OWN medicine. I am growing Golden Nugget, Green Crack, Strawberry Cough, Holy Grail Kush, Gorilla Glue #4 , Pineapple Kush...
  4. Ron Strider

    CA: Kamala Harris To Trump: Leave Grandma's Marijuana Alone

    Sen. Kamala Harris of California used the year's first big 2020 presidential spotlight Tuesday to rail against Trump administration drug policies and call for easing laws governing marijuana. "Let me tell you what California needs, Jeff Sessions. We need support in dealing with transnational...
  5. D

    Any ideas

    Well I know these type of questions come all the time but I'm 5'11 235 and heavy smoker for last 90 days I have 15 days till urinalysis I bought a bottle of ultimate gold and I heard niacin works as well but not really sure if anything works so I'm here to get advice from you guys
  6. M

    Room temp 30° plus

    Any ideas to lower it
  7. C

    10 weeks

    Amnesia Haze Auto Fem from CropKing Seeds. 10 weeks from seed under led. Looking pretty good except I can't figure out a slight nutrient problem..any ideas?
  8. HigherTheHigh

    Bushing her out question

    hello well like it says im just on germinating a northern lights seed and im wanting to veg her so she can become a really bushy lady so i can take as many clones of her as possible, has anyone got any ideas on how i can? and i only want around 20 from her but bigger the better if i possibly...
  9. The Germinator


    So I got this non working freezer. Thought bout using it for germination or maybe a plant. Cut couple holes for exhaust and intake. Any ideas? Can flip it over so the jumps on top and install fans there. Just thought I'd share. Maybe I am crazy . Haha
  10. V

    Hello Am New Here

    Hi Guys am new here been growing for alittle while now thought i would join a forum of fellow growers and get some ideas and learn more Love the site look forward to talking to everyone VinnyCordone
  11. KnottyDread

    Help identify what is wrong with my leaves - Pics included

    Wassup yall I'm about day 40 of flower and some of my leaves are turning yellowish brown for some reason....and ideas
  12. K

    Let's revisit LED lights for the newbies - Me i dont want to spend $800 or so dollars for a bank of lights that cost maybe 200 to put together...any ideas from anybody? the right type of led to build your own? or a cheaper way to build or buy these grow tent is only 2X4 im using T5 fluorescents along with spiral cool...
  13. O

    Need ideas for door construction with light proofing in mind

    Hello all, I will be partitioning off a corner of a room to use as my flowering area. I can build and drywall the walls no problem but I am coming up dry on door ideas. Space is not large, approx 3.5' x 4' Door needs to be in 3.5' side and open outwards. Don't want to spend a lot of money...
  14. Ferboldt

    Need some help with brown/yellow leaves DWC AK48

    Hi everyone... I hope you guys can help me. Day 21 from switching to 12/12 + 4 weeks veg Pistils are coming... I see some yellowing and brown spots on both lower and top leaves. I don't know why... It makes more sense as a deficiency but couldn't put my finger on it. Any ideas? I'm...
  15. Bacondoggy

    Abandoned First Grow - Low Budget - Advice Welcome

    I am slowly getting everything together for my first grow, I have been researching it a LOT. I am 35, but I have bad pancreatitis chronic on acute, and I want to try to grow bc I want to stop taking pain meds. I also was an airborne paratrooper and I messed my back up from jumping out of planes...
  16. B

    Looking for a red LED light

    Looking for a red led light 150 watt or higher. Thought someone here may know if it has a little bit of blue that is ok. Looking mostly just red though any ideas would be great I'm in canada so looking for a place in china to order from.
  17. Marzbadrock

    Completed Roots Of Agony: Marzbadrock's Ongoing Thread Of Hardcore Bondage & Confinement

    After some success with the "solo cup comp" it has been decided to keep the spirit of the comp alive with a small container perpetual grow. This thread is open to seeds, clones, photos and autos that are growing in a 1/2 gallon or smaller container. Looking forward to seeing unique...
  18. C

    I have never seen this - Any ideas?

    1 week into Flower, growing with happy frog soil STRAIN IS Catarack Kush
  19. P

    Need advice

    2/16 Gave a lower ph water with Calmag today. Dean is looking worse: Sam however had a growth: Any ideas whats causing the yellowing? More details in my journal
  20. P

    Funny Flowers

    Hey guys. Ive got some funny flowers gojng on. Any ideas?
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