indoor soil grow

  1. Bigdaddy69

    Completed First Grow Pineapple Kush Auto By Big Daddy

    Hello all! As per your lovely recommendations as well as in need of advices and help. I've "finally"(Ha! I just joined yesterday!) decided to start my grow journal. I am running a 1000W full spectrum LED light from china with a big fan circulating air from right outside of the tent. My tent is...
  2. P

    Help please! Sick plants need diagnosis (w/ hq pics)

    Hello Everyone, First off, thank you very much for taking the time to read this and possibly give your diagnosis on my grow problems. i absolutely love growing plants in general and appreciate the opportunity to discuss my passion with fellow green thumbs. I've been growing two plants of BC...
  3. 420BlazeItUp

    Abandoned 420BlazeItUp's Soil Indoor - Skunk#1/Bubbelgum XL/OG Kush - Grow Journal 2014

    Introduction Hey fellow brothers of 420Magazine! I'm Ted and this is my first grow and my first grow journal ever, so i will start this by saying i have very little knowledge yet about growing, but i know the basic things to get started growing my own weed! I went to one of the local grow shops...
  4. H

    Abandoned My First Time Grow - Advice Welcome

    ok i started my first grow and i woke up one morning and the plant fell over. i think it may have over stretched. Now im germinating a feminized (mega power plant seed) to start the process over and maybe have a lot more success but can anybody tell me what i did wrong? im using a 150 watt sun...
  5. M

    Abandoned Indoor Soil Grow - CFL - 2014 - Active

    Hello growers and smokers. So.. this is my first grow. The seed dealer said that it is AK 47 but I'm not really sure, because I germinated and sowed 2 seeds, but they don't look the same strain. Sowed on 10th of January. Now they are on 3rd week of veg stage. I'll put them in flowering stage...
  6. M

    Abandoned First Time CFL Grow - Candyland - From Germination To Inhalation

    What's goin on! I am new to this community and to forums altogether. Throughout the past couple of months I have been doing some cannabis cultivating research and most of the time it lead me to forum posts on this specific website which were more than helpful. But without further ado, I give...
  7. H

    Lighting, pot size and grow space

    Yes! This is my first grow :) (indoor using soil) so any info is helpful- I just bought a 600 watt HID with a cooled hood and a digital dimmable ballast + timer. How many plants will I be able to grow?. How much grow space can a 600 watt cover?? My ceiling is only 8 feet What size should my...
  8. Thunderthys

    Abandoned Fridge - CFL - Lst!

    Seen a fridge grow box on YouTube.. Had to do it and I'd recommend it for anyone to try.. Great for stealth grows.. Great for a personal supply and the best hobby I've ever tryd.. Turns out its not so hard to grow ur own killer bud.. But if u grew it, it's killer cuz u put 4 months I your life...
  9. F

    Lowrider2/AK47 (EasyRyder) 50 days from seed!

    This cola, 50 days young from seed, measures 14"!! Ten days, give or take to go! Small closet soil grow with 4 luscious ladies. Who says you can't get a good yield from a few auto-flowers?! Anyone care to give an opinion what they'll yield? Peace everyone :tokin:
  10. F

    Thinning out the foliage towards the end of flowering stage?

    I know that the cutting out of leaves is generally a no-no, however I have a small closet grow where the foliage is so dense that light to the lower bud sites is severely restricted. I am within 10 days or so of finishing, trichs are developing nicely, colas are immense. Is it OK to thin the...
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