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Help please! Sick plants need diagnosis (w/ hq pics)


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Hello Everyone,

First off, thank you very much for taking the time to read this and possibly give your diagnosis on my grow problems. i absolutely love growing plants in general and appreciate the opportunity to discuss my passion with fellow green thumbs.

I've been growing two plants of BC Kush (I think, pretty sure its sativa) for roughly 2.5 months and am beginning to see issues in one, more than the other that worry me. The grow is located in the garage inside a wood built micro-grow measuring 6'L X 3'8"H X 2'7"D. There's a fan circulating air 24/7 to keep bugs away and cool down the area considering the garage is always 10°-15° hotter than the outside (Southern California) and I'm using an 8 light T5 assembly. I use miracle grow moisture control potting mix and have only been giving it bottled water. I transplanted both plants to a 2 gal black container 5 days ago but the one of them showed signs of stress long before. I'm pretty sure the plants were in desperate need of a larger container. I only water when the pot stars to get a little light in weight or the top few inches of the soil is dry. I tested the PH and shows between 6 and 7 but the fertility rated it a too low...but too low in what? It's a crappy Ferry-Morse 2 prong electronic soil tester so the accuracy is very questionable.

The issue is that the leaves are showing multiple problems so its very hard to diagnose what exactly I'm doing wrong. All the leaves are showing a downward claw, burnt tips, lengthwise folding, and twisting in some areas. Also, many of the new leaves are stunted in growth. I've read forum after forum on every site you can look up and have found the same issues but I don't want to try a solution that might damage the plant further without asking around first, hence, the reason I'm here. There are a few high resolution photos attached for you to check out and hopefully there's a solution.

Thank you so much for the help :thanks:,

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Could be as simple as the lights being too close, with the 3'8" hight dimension your light has to be fairly close to your ladies.


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Could be as simple as the lights being too close, with the 3'8" height dimension your light has to be fairly close to your ladies.
yeah I thought that might be the case but I thought since it was a fluorescent I could keep it as close as 1" away, these have been no less than 3" away the whole time. You might be right, since there are six T5 plant fluorescent's, so they're obviously more powerful. ill try lowering them down another couple of inches, its worth a try. Also, I'm pretty sure its getting to hot since it is in the garage, yesterday it peaked at 93° so I decided to change the off time to the hottest part of the day.


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Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your plants? It looks like overwatering, I'm curious to see if that was the case.
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