curling down leaves

  1. Chrisx510

    Half yellow fingers on leaves plus crazy under curl

    Strain: AK-47 auto from MSNL (was a freebie) Light in veg: 600W mh HID (about 30” away) Am I dealing with two separate problems here? The half yellow leaves started at the second node so it’s been there the whole time. And there’s also a slight pull in her half yellow fingers towards her...
  2. F

    Curling leaves

    Ok so I just started flowering 2 weeks ago and about 2 days ago I noticed some of my plant leaves are curling down. Does anyone know why they might b doing that and how I could fix it.
  3. NorCAKnowYourGrow

    Sickly Black Jack

    I am a brand new grower. Lots and lots to learn. I am growing in fabric pots outdoors. 5-10 gallon depending on strain (I have 6 different ones.) I used 420 potting soil mixed with a bit of a different organic potting soil. (420 is kinda pricey for me.) Fox Farm fertilizers (Big Bloom, Grow...
  4. W

    First Grow 250W HPS Master Kush - Need Help

    Strain - Master Kush sensi seeds # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - (1) 250 Watt HPS Nutrients - GHE Medium - 20% “sphagnum peat moss”, 35% “garden peat”, 10% high quality húmus , 30% perlite e 5% Pre-Mix PPM - dont know PH - 6.5 RH - dont...
  5. S

    Extreme leaf curling 18 days into growth

    Hello there, I am working on my second grow this year. I have started three bag seeds and they are 18 days since emerging from the soil, into seedling stage. I've had them under 12 watts of 6500k T5 light, 24 hours. They are in small solo cups that have adequate drainage holes poked in the...
  6. S

    Help Please - Leaf Issues - 3 Pics

    Plants are 22 days old: Leaves Curling down, a few leaves displaying yellowish blotching that starts at the tips and works its way in. Leaves feel Dry especially the ones with the yellowing. I only fertilized them once at 33% the recommended dosage. I thought it was overwatering, but I...
  7. J

    help please leaves looking limp and brown :}

    hi im a first time grower of indoor plants they are under a 250w MH but they have started looking limp curling under and also have brown tips and spots on their leaves, i am grateful of any tips also my ballast has just blown so wondering if plants will be ok till i can get a new one next week?
  8. G

    Leaves curling under

    I am new to this. Have never posted to a forum before. Hope my picture doesn't suck. The leaves on this sati a are curling under. Not sure what to do. I'm growing in soilless mix and feed with quarter strength of miracle grow. Could someone please help a newbie.
  9. P

    Help please! Sick plants need diagnosis (w/ hq pics)

    Hello Everyone, First off, thank you very much for taking the time to read this and possibly give your diagnosis on my grow problems. i absolutely love growing plants in general and appreciate the opportunity to discuss my passion with fellow green thumbs. I've been growing two plants of BC...
  10. T

    Help-a-noob - First grow - Week 2 - Droopy Leaves with pics

    New member here. Been reading a lot (thanks for all the stickies). First ever post :) I'm into my 2nd week of my first test grow and I've just noticed the leaves being droopy overnight. If i was a gambler, I'd say it's an over-watering issue and would water them less frequently. Nonetheless, I...
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