Half yellow fingers on leaves plus crazy under curl


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Strain: AK-47 auto from MSNL (was a freebie)
Light in veg: 600W mh HID (about 30” away)
Am I dealing with two separate problems here? The half yellow leaves started at the second node so it’s been there the whole time. And there’s also a slight pull in her half yellow fingers towards her yellowing side. But the crazy under curl and leaves dying just started today. I watered yesterday with a compost tea of URB, black strap molasses, earthworm castings, and some 2-2-2 and 3-9-4 dry fertilizers (half cup of each). I was using grandma’s molasses for my teas but just switched to this earth juice hi-brix. He was in veg indoors and a few days after flower started I brought her outdoors just to see how the buds will turn out. We also had a pretty high heat wave come through for two days of 95+, and today was a bit cooler at about 85f.



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The tacoing of the leaves i wanna say are from the heat wave, the yellowing is it possible you are low on cal/ mag if you are not supplementing already

I was thinking the tacoing was from heat also, but at least what I was seeing online was that they would typically roll themselves up and inwards but mine are rolling themselves down and outwards. I did add some botanicare calmag+ not too horribly long ago (about a week or two ago) but I didn’t notice too much of a change if at all. And thank you for the welcoming:)!
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