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Plants are 22 days old: Leaves Curling down, a few leaves displaying yellowish blotching that starts at the tips and works its way in. Leaves feel Dry especially the ones with the yellowing. I only fertilized them once at 33% the recommended dosage. I thought it was overwatering, but I haven't watered them in 3 days and the top soil is pretty dry.. I just lowered them from 16 inches to 24 below the 1000 MH light fearing I was giving them to much light - 85K + lumens. They now are in the 65-75k range. I'm struggling with humidity, spraying the tent every hour or so and added cool mist humidifier. No signs of bugs. Growth has slowed. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I'm new to this - 1st grow. THANKS!:thanks:

1000Mh Bulb
Fox Farms Ocean forest Soil with 35% perlite
Ferts: Fox Farms trio
ONLY Distilled water so far
PH: run-off = 6.3
TDS: run-off = 1300
Temp = 75 - 86
humidity 26%ish



ya your humility is super low get a cool mist as fast as you can but a bowl of water or a cup to try to help but i don't think that will its to dry get the cool mist :surf:make sure your PH is good your plant is showing cal mag this is from your waters PH being out of whack do a good flush when the plants are dry and feed 1/2 dose
saw answer... 1300tds is that the ppm because holy shit is that hot for a seedling you should be in the 400 range if im not mistaken

and only feed when its dry
classic look of watering too often here... no mention of pH of your incoming fluids... water or water with nutes... and definitely over feeding. Ocean Forest has all those plants need and then some... and you are adding nutes too. This makes the FoxFarms people very happy (and rich) but it is not what is best for your young plants.

My advice: Adjust all your fluids to 6.5... and learn the lift method to figure out when to water. Save your nutes for later, when you have a robust plant starting to show signs of underfeeding.
ya thats a good trick i just pick up my buckets too you can tell when there super light and stick you finger in the soil a few inches you'll know right away
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