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yellowing leaves

  1. Austinpalm36


    Hey guys. So my grow is about to be week 8 from planting both of these beauties, tomorrow. I am not sure but I might be root bound. I originally transplanted the seeds from cups to the three gallon pots I was hoping to finish them. When I put my finger in the dirt to test for moisture, I can’t...
  2. M

    Sick plant, need help

    Hey everyone, i have an autoflower here that popped soil around Nov.5th so she's 6 or so weeks old and im starting to see some yellowing along with that weird rust color i see all over the internet. Since its more so on the top im assuming it might be an imobile nute def. Or over nute idk 600w...
  3. M

    Dropping Plants and Yellowing Tops

    Hello I have been having issues with my plants dropping.I recently switched over from veg to flower. While in veg everything was nice and perfect with all leaves reaching for the light and standing high. Now I am in week 2 of flower and all my plants have been dropping and all tops turning...
  4. Gnomex26

    Help Again!

    So sorry for asking for help, but your all I have :) so quick synapse, had 10 plants moved 2 to flower, 1 was male he is outback in yard growing. Female is doing great! Just fed the other 8 2 days ago and 1 plant is showing weird yellow blotchy leaves on 1 stalk... pictures included. I am...
  5. T

    Diagnosis please - Suggestions needed

    These 3 plants were grown on the south side of a house in 80-100 degree weather, the owner watered morning and nights, (maybe over watered), planted in Happy Frog, they are about 8 feet and above and still growing, i am curious why the yellowing leaves and help is appreciated on what i can do...
  6. R

    Need assistance with yellowing & dying leaves!

    Strains - Utopia Haze, Supreme CBD Kush, Durban Poison # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Just starting flowering Bucket Size - 20 Gallon Lights - Outdoor Nutrients - Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, Bloom, B-52, Voodoo Juice Medium - Commercial organic soil PH - 7.0 RH - 25%...
  7. G

    Spotty yellowing older leaves

    Hi.. Hoping someone can help me out here... Look like anything easily recognisable?... because I havent really been able to identify anything very similar googling around the net... Greenhouse, winter in Australia. Coco, BioVega/Flores... about 4 weeks into flowering.. going to have no shade...
  8. M

    First Time Grow! Need Some Assurance It's Fine!

    Hi there first time posting here and my first grow. currently day 56 froom planting germinated seed of NYC Diesel. At the start of the budding cycle i did end up what i diagnosed as excessive Phosphorus and i had ywlloeing leaves bottom of plant and brown marks of some leaves at the top, however...
  9. HashGirl

    Crop King Hash Plants Dying?

    Good morning. My husband planted 5 Hash Plants in the spring and they were doing pretty well until the drought ended. We've had rain often in the past 3 or 4 days and the leaves on the plants are now drooping and going yellow and brown and he thinks it's from all the rain but adding nutrients...
  10. W

    First Grow Complications - Help Please

    5 of my 6 Amnesia Haze plants have developed a yellowish chlorosis. This symptom appeared eight days ago and has gradually increased in severity. The most severely afflicted leaves are brittle. I have ruled out heat stress and light burn as the air temperature is ideal. My leading theory is...
  11. E

    Help yellow veins, yellowing leaves, leaves falling off old growth, nutrient problem

    I cant seem to figure out what my problem is here. please help
  12. S

    Need help with NL Auto grow issue - First time grower

    Hey, first time grower here looking for some help with an issue I'm having. Btw I only got this far from all the great posts on this website so thanks for all the great info so far! What Strain is it? NL Auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica How Many Plants? 1 Is...
  13. S

    Help Please - Leaf Issues - 3 Pics

    Plants are 22 days old: Leaves Curling down, a few leaves displaying yellowish blotching that starts at the tips and works its way in. Leaves feel Dry especially the ones with the yellowing. I only fertilized them once at 33% the recommended dosage. I thought it was overwatering, but I...
  14. StonerThor

    Yellowing on lower leaves

    Howsit! Its my first grow and i'm 3 weeks into it, one of my plants is starting to show signs of yellowing on some of the lower leaves, my first thought was a nitrogen deficiency or maybe Manganese deficiency based on what I'd read about the topic however I'm not certain. Any suggestions would...
  15. S

    Extreme curling + yellowing - WTH is wrong with my plant??

    hi people, As my grow continues and reached day 20 of flowering, The problems continue... In the last 3-4 days 2 of my 4 plants started to yellow and curl a bit at the tips. didnt seem that serious, thought its probably heat stress. but its getting worse and today it really become visible...
  16. Raiven

    Multiple issues with first time grow!! Yellowing, spotting and some curling! Help!

    Multiple issues with first time grow!! Yellowing, spotting and some curling!! *HELP* Hello all!! Thanks in advance for any help you can give!! As you will see in the photos below, I have a few emerging issues occurring with my plants. Im not sure if theres a defficiency or I have over...
  17. knotspeeds88

    We have a problem Houston

    I am 11 days in on flowering, soil MG soil...i know it's bad lights 24 23w=100w total watts 552...total lumen 38400, half 2700k and half 6500k nutes FloraGro, micro, grow and bloom 29" tall strain unknown 11 days into 12/12 last watered 6/23 1 gallon of ph balanced water only....6/26 1 gallon...
  18. W

    ph lock out? mag def? advice would be appreciated

    People of 420 I'm aware this one is very difficult to diagnose... (at least for me) but after 24 hours of reading I'm more confused now than before I started and feel a fresh look on this might help... So the set up is as follows super silver haze in week 7 of veg, (I know long veg time but...
  19. ladyc24


    What is wrong wit my plant??
  20. C

    My 11 ft girl is starting to yellow? Can't nail down the problem.

    Hello, I'm growing a barneys farm hybrid, skunk #1 crossed with mazar. She is in the ground (ffof), I'm using the fox farm liquid trio. I noticed the larger fans starting to yellow and fall off, I didn't worry to much. I did however back off the nutes, but still gave her some molasses and...
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