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First Grow Complications - Help Please


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5 of my 6 Amnesia Haze plants have developed a yellowish chlorosis. This symptom appeared eight days ago and has gradually increased in severity. The most severely afflicted leaves are brittle.

I have ruled out heat stress and light burn as the air temperature is ideal. My leading theory is that I foolishly restricted the plants in a 1 gallon pot for too long and they thus developed a nutrient deficiency. I transplanted only three days ago (plants are 20 days old).

Strain - Amnesia Haze
# of Plants - 6
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Vegetative
Bucket Size - 5-7 Gallon
Lights - 1 Spyder 1200 LED
Nutrients -bottom 1/2 Subcool's supersoil top 1/2 biobizz light
Medium - soil
PPM - 850
PH - water ph 7.2 soil ph is unknown
RH - 50% to 55%
Room Temperature - 75 to 82
Room Square Footage - 4' x 4'
Pests - None Known

A photo of the grow space

Unhealthy top leaves

Undergrowth of the same plant - apparently healthy

Another plant top. The undergrowth of this plant is also visibly healthy.

The outlier of the group. Also a different, deeper shade of green. Unusual. Thoughts?

Thank you so much for any and all assistance. Brand new to this and trying to maneuver my inevitable mistakes. Again, thank you for your time reader.


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A a little more accurate test is a slurry test, ph your water to 6.5 put in a table spoon of your soil let it soak 12 hours then check the ph again if it isn't 6.5 your ph is off in your soil
these help me quite a bit


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Thank you GreenMachinee and redmud! I adjusted my water supply to a 6.5 ph, watered my plants, and tested the runoff. The runoff remained at ~6.5 ph. So not the high 8 GreenMachinee anticipated. Since I essentially have two different soils in each pot, I'm thinking the ph is off with the untreated top layer but the bottom layer is distorting the runoff test. I have prepared a slurry test for the top soil.

Fuzzy Duck

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Biobizz soils are PH corrected & i think it is Ph 6.9 or 6.8 should be written on the bag it self if i remember correctly !

May even mention EC rating /concentration of nutrients as well.

Are you feeding other nutrients as well ?

It does appear to be a PH issue in less their is a reaction with the subcool super soil or something used in it to cause a lock out as one kind of element may adversely effect another...

If you made the mix your self was every thing added in the correct quanities etc

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I'm not understanding your 850 PPM.
They were fine in 1 gallon pots for 20 days. Heck, I've managed to keep plants in 1 gallon pots for a year.
Supersoil is a hot mix and already has the nutrients in it. Are you feeding in addition?
What is your watering schedule and technique?
My initial guess is over-watered and over-fed.
I'm thinking they aren't happy with something from transplanting - like the added soil.
We need more info...


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Fuzzyduck- I am NOT feeding the plants anything. For the first grow I'm just kind of buying into the super-soil theory of a self sufficient soil.
I agree with you, it does appear to be a ph issue. The plants were beginning to manifest the chlorosis prior to the transplant. I do not believe I made any mistakes ratio wise during the formulation of the supersoil. Thank you for your help man.

Major PITA-
The ppm refers to CO2, no? My grow environment has an average CO2 atmospheric concentration of 850 ppm.
I water when the first two inches of top soil are dry. This occurs about every 3-4 days. However, I did over water the plants prior to the transplant (the gallon vessels did not have any drainage holes and I watered far too frequently.)
My watering technique? I ph balance a gallon of water and pour it into the medium, ensuring to balance the water around the pot.
Again, these plants were showing signs of stress prior to the transplant. Thank you for your help.


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hate to jinx myself but superstition aside, I believe my plants have returned to health rather inexplicably.

Current grow space shot

Here is the same plant from image 4 in my original post

Here is the current most severely damaged plant, with obvious healthy new growth

Can I get a second more informed opinion please? How do I look?

Thank you everyone sorry to of wasted your time. The issue seems to of self resolved. Could the correcting of my water ph really of been all the treatment that was needed?

Also how do they look for 23 days? Aren't sativas supposed to be... taller?

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No drainage holes and frequent watering explains a lot.
Sativa? Wow! Those are very indica-looking so far.


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That's kind of what I was thinking Major. Royal Queen Seeds claim this strain to be a 70% sativa dominate hybrid. I selected it for its overwhelming sativa dominance. Have I been duped here?

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I've not grown that variety. Time will tell...
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