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Florescent leaves


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Bright yellow and brown leaves. No growth.


Strain - Indica

# of Plants - 4

Grow Stage - Vegetative

Bucket Size - 7 Gallon

Lights - (1) 1K Watt HPS

Nutrients - Advanced Nutrients

Medium - Pro Mix, worm castings, steer manure, Perlite

PH - 7.0

Room Temperature - 40-70

Pests - None Known


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My ph stays at seven . Well 6.5 to seven and I never have problems. A plant can take in all nutes at seven. Make sure the manures not messing with the ph


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not sure how to ad pics, but here goes.



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Nitrogen starved strait up....mix some jamaican guano. 10_2_1 & those will green up in two or three days. Some strains need more than otherrs...i just a week ago had a purple kush that did the same thing then I realized it was in seed starter soil still so it needed nitro


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They bounced all the way back! I think it was nutrient lock because I flushed it and put them in a bigger pots with more dirt without nuts.
Now I'm getting dark brown tips on my leaves, and soft brown mold spots on a couple stems at the nodes. any Ideas?

Thanks, Luis
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