Extreme leaf curling 18 days into growth


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Hello there,

I am working on my second grow this year. I have started three bag seeds and they are 18 days since emerging from the soil, into seedling stage. I've had them under 12 watts of 6500k T5 light, 24 hours. They are in small solo cups that have adequate drainage holes poked in the bottom. The soil is Scotts Topsoil. I tried this method on a seed last year and one plant grew with great strength and intensity. The other plant I had least year had a very inconsistent beginning of it's life, yet it grew very strong and healthy.

This year, my three seedlings have been curling their first set of leaves down since they've appeared. From a quick google search I found that this could be due to a number of causes, but mainly overwatering. But after 4 days these seedlings start to droop, so I can't really go more than, say, 6 days without watering. As the days progress after each watering, I don't see the leaves getting any better. Only worse. Some yellowing has occurred, which I attribute to lack of nutrients in the soil, or bad pH.

I'm thinking of transplanting them into new cups with Roots Organics soil mix.

Judging by the photos, what do you think could be wrong here? I don't know anything about the seeds genetics. Just two random bag seeds and one seed that I pulled from a very dense indica-looking nugget. So I can only assume that it is indica dominant.



Classic signs of over watering, transplant into bigger pot, those roots need to breath, I will usually squeeze the pot a couple times to crack the soil which will help it breathe while the soil dries up some

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Agreed switch to 18/6, we all need a little rest to be fully operational, now if it was an auto then maybe 24/0 but some like 20/4

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Thanks for the responses. The night that I made this thread, I transplanted the babes into the RO soil. They showed signs of improvement almost immediately. Growing strong now!
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