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  1. 20180512_091304.jpg


    Hazeman Pine Tar Kush actually 79 Xmas Bud leaf mutation oddity.
  2. 20180305_203209.jpg


    Hazeman Pine Tar Kush aka 79 Xmas Bud leaf variegation oddity phenotype.
  3. Liam5677

    Why is my seedling acting like this?

    Hello everybody, this will be my first post to this forum. This is also the first plant I have ever grown. I’m sure I will not be able to post all the important information You need to answer my questions, but I will try to do my best. I grew the seedling about seven days ago I germinated it...
  4. Leaf Damage 1.jpg

    Leaf Damage 1.jpg

    Leaf Damage
  5. Leaf Damage.jpg

    Leaf Damage.jpg

    Leaf Damage - need a diagnosis!
  6. Apparent Nutrient Deficiency Continues

    Apparent Nutrient Deficiency Continues

    After flushing a couple of times, mysterious nutrient deficiency continues.
  7. Leaf Issue Revisited

    Leaf Issue Revisited

    Cheese on the left, Dinamed CBD on the right. Plants seem well on top, but leaves at bottom are not apparently.
  8. spiritwave7

    My First Leaf Discoloration

    Hello. I think my first plant grow is going well overall, but I just noticed the plant on the left (Cheese) has a tan spot on it. Damage at the tip occurred when I swapped light bulbs and one fell on the plant (lesson learned: move plant out of case prior to switching bulbs btw), but that spot...
  9. Leaf Discoloration (Bigger Picture)

    Leaf Discoloration (Bigger Picture)

    One leaf looks off. As a new grower, I'm trying to figure out what (if anything) I can do about it.
  10. Leaf Discoloration

    Leaf Discoloration

    I'm a new grower who is trying to learn what to do about that tan spot on the damaged leaf.
  11. spiritwave7

    Damage from Light Bulb Falling on Plant?

    While switching light bulbs for flowering, an adjacent one fell out accidentally and landed on my Cheese plant. The photo shows the aftermath. As you can see, at least one leaf was damaged. Is there anything I can do to help the plant recover? Will that damage lead to problems of which I...
  12. IMG_20180225_061552.jpg


    Accident: When switching to flowering light bulbs, the adjacent one fell on this Cheese plant.
  13. A

    Strain, genetics, or mutation?

    Or none of the above.. have had a couple of kiddos doing this weird leaf growth, they start out looking normal but as the leaf matures it looks mutated anf none normal. Was wondering what it was. Ik I've seen it before with friends plants and in pics but wanted to pinpoint the exact meaning...
  14. vyserage

    Veg stage fan leaf pruning issue

    What do you guy's think? I have my 6 plants and i have been every other day clipping off upper and middle fan leaves that are blocking light to lower nodes inside the middle of plant so that light easily penetrates the entire inner side of all shoots. Even if its a top fan leaf ill let it grow...
  15. unkied

    Anyone Seen This Before? Two-tone!

    My girls (4 White Widow) age 10-11 weeks since seed, have had all sorts of ongoing issues reflected in various leaf maladies, each one resembling several different pictures on several different "nutrient deficiency" charts, but as of late I have just learned to mostly ignore it and just love...
  16. Ron Strider

    CO: Christmas Bonuses Given, Taken Away After Police Raid Marijuana Shops

    It's a growing industry in a booming Colorado economy, but out of work employees at Sweet Leaf marijuana centers say they're having a tough time finding other jobs because of a recent raid by Denver Police. DPD raided eight Sweet Leaf locations on December 14, after a sting operation found a...
  17. Ron Strider

    CO: Cannabis Community Holding Fundraisers For Sweet Leaf Employees

    Members of Denver's cannabis community are holding fundraisers to support Sweet Leaf employees affected by the indefinite shutdown of Sweet Leaf outposts by the Denver Police Department, state Marijuana Enforcement Division and other agencies on December 14. All ten of Sweet Leaf's metro...
  18. CoralineJones

    Favorable genetic mutations in marijuana plants

    hi all long time lurker, first time poster, just wondering if anyone would be interested in crossbreeding diff mutations n see what happens currently growing a mutant which had a single fan leaf under every branch n looking for any other mutations that people may be interested in sharing...
  19. Ron Strider

    Canada: Winnipeg Free Press Unveils Website Dedicated To Marijuana News

    A specialized cannabis news website called The Leaf is generating quite a "buzz" since launching earlier this week, according to the editor of the Winnipeg Free Press. Paul Samyn said the newspaper thinks there is growing reader appetite locally and nationally for news about marijuana as...
  20. F

    Yellow leaves with purple spots - Some plants only yellow leaves

    What Strain is it? Several variations of OG. We dont know for certain. Week 4 Flower Indoor RH40 reservoir temp: 69 MANual feeding 1000w climate controlled RH of Room/Cabinet? 75 PH of Medium or Reservoir? 5.8 Any Pests? naw How Often are you Watering I water to flush, by hand, let them drink...
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