1. V

    Help, what is the problem here?

    One of my plants is now curling its top leaves downwards. I have no clue of what it could be... I have a stable temp in my box, I am feeding with a 10-3-7 fertilizer but now i am doing a pause with ferts. Can anyone help my? Thanks.
  2. Nutella420

    Light brown circles on fan leave - Need Help!

    So 4 days ago I checked up on my 3 week old and she has started to form these light brown almost yellowish spots as you will see below. It didn't get any worse nor has it spread, just stayed the same size since i first saw it. I transplanted her 2 days before this happened but I'm not sure if...
  3. C

    Single Bladed Leaf?

    I have a strain that i've been growing for a LONG time. I currently have x3 of this particular strain and only x1 of the plants exhibits "Single-Bladed-Leaves". Ive grown ALOT of strains and have seen anomalies and strange looking leaves, however, this plant grows LONG, thin single bladed leaves...
  4. steevtokes

    Leaf curling mystery

    hey community, havent posted in awhile due to my garden has been doing very well! but i cant figure this one out. 1000w raptor(32"from canopy) 4x4 7" tray 40g res GH nute line(measure to 30g) ph6.2 ventitaltion is prime! 4weeks veg 4"groblock on 2" in a 6" groblock 2 3/4 spacers...
  5. 420 Junky

    Dieing lower Leaves from an unknown cause to me.

    Does anyone have an Idea what's wrong with her lower leaves? OMG I'm freakin over here. She's a 5 weeks old outdoor plant and she's been doing this for 2 weeks now. I flushed her a week ago and the death of the leaves wont stop. Is it nutrition deficiency? If so, which one? Nitrogen...
  6. F

    Frog On Duty

    I took this picture today of a little tree frog on one of our Green Kush leaves. It was so cute I had to share. :)
  7. HolySpicoli

    Spots on undersides of leaves - day 45 of flower

    Spotted these spots on the underside of some upper fan leaves this morning. Day 45 of flower. Not going to sweat it too much, but better safe than sorry, especially with the finish line in sight! :)
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