1. Ron Strider

    CO: Cannabis Community Holding Fundraisers For Sweet Leaf Employees

    Members of Denver's cannabis community are holding fundraisers to support Sweet Leaf employees affected by the indefinite shutdown of Sweet Leaf outposts by the Denver Police Department, state Marijuana Enforcement Division and other agencies on December 14. All ten of Sweet Leaf's metro...
  2. CoralineJones

    Favorable genetic mutations in marijuana plants

    hi all long time lurker, first time poster, just wondering if anyone would be interested in crossbreeding diff mutations n see what happens currently growing a mutant which had a single fan leaf under every branch n looking for any other mutations that people may be interested in sharing...
  3. Ron Strider

    Canada: Winnipeg Free Press Unveils Website Dedicated To Marijuana News

    A specialized cannabis news website called The Leaf is generating quite a "buzz" since launching earlier this week, according to the editor of the Winnipeg Free Press. Paul Samyn said the newspaper thinks there is growing reader appetite locally and nationally for news about marijuana as...
  4. F

    Yellow leaves with purple spots - Some plants only yellow leaves

    What Strain is it? Several variations of OG. We dont know for certain. Week 4 Flower Indoor RH40 reservoir temp: 69 MANual feeding 1000w climate controlled RH of Room/Cabinet? 75 PH of Medium or Reservoir? 5.8 Any Pests? naw How Often are you Watering I water to flush, by hand, let them drink...
  5. D

    Leaf Septoria, Yellow Leaf Spot Or Calcium Deficiency?

    Hi guys and girls! I need some wizard help here! I am growing my first grow in two DWC buckets. I recently made another post about my plants not stretching. Well now they are but am getting issue along the way! for my Northern light autoflowers. stats -PH 5.9 -Nutriments used are 50%...
  6. A

    Slight leaf curl - What's the cause and should I be worried!

    I noticed this slight leaf curl today should I be worried and what could be the cause! It's possible the smaller plants are from overwatering because of the flushed soil when I transplanted. But the bigger plant hasn't been watered in 6 days today. I was planning on watering tonight...
  7. MackMcMacMac

    Help! Brown spots on serrated leaf tips

    Hi experts! I have a young auto/fem growing in a space bucket that I topped a week ago. Her new tops look good, but I noticed one fan leaf has brown tips on the leaf serrations. I'm concerned! Can you tell me what (if anything) I need to add to the water to combat this problem before it gets...
  8. M

    Problem with 15 day old seedlings

    Can anyone help me with these 15 days old seedlings? I havent given any nutrients, just ph balanced water. Growing has nearly stopped and leaf tips have started to curl and get brown and crispy.
  9. G

    Really stumped here - Virus? Microscopic pest

    I am so very confused by what I'm dealing with. Have done so much research trying to understand what's happening and anytime I find a thread with similar symptoms it's never solved and the op disappears or torches his garden. I have the following symptoms: Twisted growth Severe purpling...
  10. N

    Where To Buy Seeds In The USA With Fast Shipping? NukeHeads!

    **** I AM A PAID SPONSOR **** Where to buy seeds in the USA without being paranoid about the POPO or legal issues. Stealth at it's best ! From: Jesse James Fastest Seed shippers in USA: www.NukeHeads.com Hey guys just wanted to tell you I got my seeds two days after placing an order...
  11. Advocate420

    Leaf Bud

    Didn't know this could happen. A bud growing on the leaf stem lol.
  12. K

    Suite leaf products

    hello, has anyone been using the suite leaf products? i'm interested to hear your experiences vs. using synthetic nutrients. i'm using waterfarms modded for dwc. i was going to use a chiller but the manufacturer says to use room temps. trying to avoid root rot at the higher temps. thanks, kenaan
  13. Pyr0

    Hopping bug - Should I be worried?

    Hi all, So I've got a few of these things on my plants, outdoors in a small plastic greenhouse. If I try to catch them, they hop to another leaf, and make a click sound. Will they damage my girls or will they eat my pests. cheers Pyr0
  14. B

    Yellow leaf spots outdoors - Septoria? Advice?

    Hi! I hope you are having a lovely summer. I am growing some chem dog and similar NorCal clones in-ground. They are all pretty healthy except I am getting leaf spot on one and it is starting to show up on some others. the spots are only on a few leaves but I want to stay on top of it. our...
  15. W

    New Growth Leaf Curl

    I'm growing 3 varieties outdoors: Skunk, Blueberry and White Widow. This leaf curl began on the Skunk and now a couple of the White Widow have it. So far the 4 Blueberries are not affected. Could someone ID what's going on and of course any cures!
  16. A

    What can cause plants to suddenly wilt in hydro?

    The night before, everything is fine.and i plus some ph down and purning 2 little small buds in the button. just a normal day.and at "9week floering" All leaf is drop and branch is Sagging by one night. I have no clue why this previously healthy plant is doing this. All my equipment...
  17. N

    Leaf Diagnosis Please

    Grow Info : Grown by a complete newbie (me) Day 35 from Seed Coco Coir / Perlite 70/30 mix in 3 gallon fabric pots 1000W HPS currently on day 7 of flower Current tent conditions : 89F 38% humidity (wish I could get my temp lower) 2 air circulation fans, one 460CFM extraction fan...
  18. coralman

    One seed leaf - Cotyledon

    Has anyone experienced seedlings with 1 seed leaf? What are the chances of survival.
  19. LiveAndLetGro

    What is this?! A leaf showing female parts, making buds?? On a leaf?!

    What in the world is going on here?? :hmmm:
  20. X

    I've got a plant problem - Help me before they die please

    Can you tell me what is the problem with my plant. Only few leaf got this problem. It start last saturday.
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