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Hello growers and smokers.
So.. this is my first grow.
The seed dealer said that it is AK 47 but I'm not really sure, because I germinated and sowed 2 seeds, but they don't look the same strain.
Sowed on 10th of January. Now they are on 3rd week of veg stage. I'll put them in flowering stage about 1,5 weeks later.
I bought a palm soil in my local garden shop. The ph is about 6.5-7.2.
Using one computer cooler attached to a computers PSU.
The temperature range from 18 - 23*C.
I'm not using any nutrients yet, and I hope I will do just fine without them.
As a beginner I'm using CFL's for my grow.
Total of 5 light bulbs. 3 4000k and 2 2700k.
I'm watering them every day.

And of course - some photos :
8th day from seed (January 18) (plant 1)

12th day from seed (January 22) (plant 2)

16th day from seed (January 26) (plant 2)

20th day from seed (Janurary 30) (plant 2)

& plant 1

& both
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So this is 24th day from seed. One of my plants have a problem. The bottom leaves are turning yellow. After little research over internet I can conclude that it is Nitrogen deficiency. I added a little dose of nute solution including mostly N. 1 week left in veg stage.

Oh and a question - I have two 2700k lights and three 4000k lights, can I use the same lights in flowering stage? (Of course the light cycle would be 12/12)


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Finally an update.

A lot has changed. The plants didn't grow well in my growbox so I "threw'' them out of there. Now they're on the windowsill and looks super healthy.


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Well, one of the plants turned out to be a male, so I got one female. The yield wasn't big, but thats all you could get from a windowsill grow. I didnt kill the male plant and had started to grow some NL auto's. Crossed them which gave me a bunch of The Alchemist seeds. Now I'm growing some NL auto's, super skunks, ak47's and dozen Alchemists. Not a bad progress in just one year, starting with two bag seeds.
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