1. B

    Using AN's Iguana Juice Grow/Bloom in organic soil?

    Has anybody used Iguana Juice? In organic soil? I am thinking of switching from AN's MGB, and using Iguana Juice for my next grow. Any thoughts or advice? It'll be my 5th grow.
  2. N

    NukeHeads Nuclear Juice DWC Hydroponics Nutrient Now Listed On Amazon

    For those who like buying their products off of Amazon.com We have just added our Nuclear Juice Hydroponics nutrient to Amazon to provide you a broader buying experience.
  3. S

    PH keeps rising after using lemon juice

    Hi, I'm currently using a tote dwc with an air pump. I'm using tab water which is at ph 8.1 It's soft water with a total of 215ppm. (without nutrients). After adding the nutrients and the lemon juice to lower to PH to 5.5-5.8, the ph is rising very quickly and in a matter of a few...
  4. B

    Pure THC/terpene mix for e-cig users

    The biggest problem to create e-liquids based on thc was the separation between liquid and thc (#¹) ...but now the problem is solved by terpenes !!! Liquid-product based on terpenes provide a very natural and familiar medium to emulsify and liquefy extracts without ever worrying about...
  5. cannilingus

    Earth Juice?

    I am in the process, of trying out some earth juice. i got a qt each, of the grow and bloom. Simple shaking, does not mix it. i use a skinny stick. and stir it up real good. Anyway, i thought i would try it. In the past, any time i used so called "organics", i either burned my plants, or, they...
  6. T

    Earth Juice Sugar Peak formula request & review

    I am growing in organic soil in a light dep fully controlled greenhouse. (added my thoughts below) My last grows with the original Earth Juice line went great. Used grow, bloom and catalyst with Meka K and micro added monthly and finished with Grand Finale. Used standard measurements and...
  7. JimmyJames905

    Abandoned CKS Purple Kush Grow

    Seed Supplier: Crop King Seeds Strain: Purple Cush Medium: Soil (Pro-Mix BX) Vegetative Nutrient: Earth Juice Grow (3ml/L) Flowering Nutrient: Earth Juice Bloom Maintained PH: 6.5 Plants 1 week after planting. Seeds were germinated as per CKS's instructions. Plant on the right/back received...
  8. S

    Abandoned Polynesian Haze & Tangie Northern Oregon First Timer Outdoor Grow

    Strains: Tangie and Polynesian Haze Strains started from Seed Seeds were obtained form family friend breeder Soil: Indigenous mountain soil(Sedimentary and clay) 3ft deep tilled-in veg compost E.B. Stone top soil, Cocoa, and non fertilized E.B. Stone potting soil mix Mykos mixed in...
  9. F

    Abandoned 12/12 From Seed Experiment

    This is just an experimental run, just wanna see how it goes. :) Seeds: bag seed Grow space: 2ft x 3ft Grow medium: black gold coco blend Soil amendments: Dr earth flower girl, dolomite lime, and blood meal. Nutes: earth juice grow, earth juice catalyst, earth juice microblast, earth...
  10. TriangleCheese

    White mold on soil

    Hey guys, I started my new grow 2 weeks ago. Earlier today I saw tiny little white molds on soil. It looks like perlite in soil but its definately mycelium since it smells like mushroom. I also used to cultivate mushrooms in same room but the birthing chamber for mushrooms is completely dry...
  11. V


    Hi folks, A simple and quick question as I plan to experiment a bit for the next grow with Bokashi. But first of all, I know how to make the Bokashi, so no need to help out with that. Question is, how to use it in simple words? And when asking this Im referring to the juice/tea that comes out...
  12. 1


    Can someone enlighten me on this new product? I received today with my Earth Juice MicroBlast as a free trial offer...
  13. howsjosh

    Completed Howsjosh's First Grow

    So I guess I start off with the setup I have: 3 96x5w mars hydro reflector led lights 1 40"x 40"x 80"(3'4"x 3'4"x 6'8") tent 1 6" inline duct fan and fan speed controller 1 tilt fan I might want to get an oscilating fan also... 2 2 outlet timers 1 Acurite thermometer 1 pair led grow sun...
  14. J

    Juicing male plants for fertilizer

    I've googled and googled, trying to find someone who has tried this to no avail. Apparently, cannabis juice gets a lot of attention as a health tonic for humans, but what about for other plants? I am wondering what would be the outcome if I were to juice the leaves and stems of my fairly...
  15. W

    Just wanted to introduce myself

    I got by the name welshpony and not because im good for riding...... Doing my first grow (link the the sig) not really a smoker quit smoking a few years ago growing for my mum and her arthritis and maybe make some e juice for my insomnia maybe ill get a taste for it :) Anyways hey...
  16. Massdrop

    32% Off Da Buddha Vaporizer - 50% Off Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 iClear 16 Kit

    Hey Everyone, Massdrop is currently running buys on the Da Buddha Vaporizer (32% off - $129.99) Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 iClear 16 Kit (50% off - $34.99) Halycon Vapors eJuice (13% off - $10.49) and the Kangertech Protank III (25% off - $14.99) Please PM me or...
  17. R

    Green Drinks with Fresh Water Leaves

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with adding fresh water leaves in their homemade green drinks. My wife uses things like kale, collards, garlic, etc and wants to add the large fresh leaves. I know there's very low THC content there--but does anyone do this and/ or know of medical...
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