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leaf curl

  1. Karden

    Help! GSC leaves twisted and deformed

    Hi all! I just started growing with LED lights this year. I am trying 2 new strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream and am running into problems already. My GSC seedlings are growing all funky, leaves are twisted, and very small. One of my Blue Dreams is doing very good, the other has mottled...
  2. MR_JS1_20200416_Wk7FlDay113_17.jpg


    Max temp is 77 under light
  3. MR_JS1_20200416_Wk7FlDay113_16.jpg


    Max temp is 77 under light
  4. MR_JS1_20200416_Wk7FlDay113_15.jpg


    Max temp is 77 under light
  5. T

    Leaves shriveling up and browning

    Hey everyone thanks or taking the time to help. First set of plants I’ve grown so trying to learn from mistakes. But I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. currently in week 8 from germination and it feels like the plants are stuck on week 4 there has been slow to no new growth and and new growth...
  6. K

    Dry Leaf Syndrome - Cause & Corrective Action Help Needed

    I now have seven plants growing in Late Veg are are 45 days old from the day the seeds popped open. I have one Laughing Buddy plant that has one branch that is getting the pictured "dry leaf syndrome". The dry leaves only show up on this one branch of the plant and it seems to be random (located...
  7. I

    Iceman420's White Walker Kush & Skunk#1 Auto - LED - Help Please!

    Hey Everybody, Just got some new pictures today took by my buddy Brandon, shout out for the great pics bro! Ok, so I was just wondering if yall could tell me whawt that leaf curl is all about, its on the white walker kush only and its curling upwards. Thanks for the help, stay chiefed...
  8. I

    Hey Everyone! Intro - White Walker Kush Grow Leaf Curl Issue

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post, hopefully first of many. I just signed up for this website because i was coming here almost everday to look up questions and all kinds of things related to my grow because im also doing my first grow ever on my own. Its going great so far! Its quite a joy...
  9. M

    Young Plants Leaf Curl & Edge Yellowing

    Hello, This is not my first grow, but it is my first with decent seeds. My previous grows have been random ol bag seeds. I was wondering what could be causing the leaf curling on the one plant and the yellowing along the edge on the other. They're both a month and almost 2 weeks old...
  10. S

    Leaf taco - Warping?

    Hi, i am a first time grower and i have some issues with the leafs but i cant resolve the problem. My set up consists of the following: 5" INTAKE FAN 5" EXHAUST FAN OSCILLATING TOWER FAN AIR CIRCULATING FAN 400W MH VEG BULB SUSPENDED ABOUT 60CM (2FT) ABOVE PLANTS ROOT NURSE 8L FABRIC...
  11. 4

    Leaf Curl and Weird Spots

    high all, just moved my baby outdoors a few days ago and she got leaf curl and some spots, im pretty sure the leaf curl was from the humidity dome i had over her for the first 2 days outside which made it really wet in there...if ya know what i mean XD. so these 2 weird ass looking spots also...
  12. WizHigh

    Wilting Problem Zinc Magnese Nitrogen Problem Not Sure Please Help!

    Earlier today the plant was doing fine, it was very perky now its wilting and it looks as if there's burning accuring. I was using CFLs 11 23w = 100w each bulb gives off 1600 lumens. Once I seen burning or some type of discoloration I switched to soft white bulbs 250w 3900 lumens each bulb. Temp...
  13. B

    Some advice would be nice, please.

    Indoor/outdoor, suplemented light when needed, feminized who-knows-what strain, in a mix of soilless media and compost made here at home, and everything was fine until she showed her flowers. She is really just an experiment on side of the indoor girls but I care about all my ladies and I...
  14. El Gusanito

    leaf curl

    just finished a bout with scales and spider mites and thrip. there are very few live ones had to search really hard to find that one. but now I have that is curling at about the middle of the leaf it's only middle age leafs out towards the ends took 20x loupe and there looks like there are...
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