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  1. F

    Need some advice and some knowledge on LED veg/bloom switch to LED full spectrum please!

    Need some knowledge about LED to LED full spectrum I have just bought a new 1000w full spectrum light and right now my girls are on a 150w veg & bloom switch light and there 3 weeks in VEG cycle my question is can I make the switch without causing any issues I really don't want them to flower...
  2. H

    I will need as much as possible info about indoor low THC weed, UK legal

    Hi folks, starting this project of grow hemp indoor and I need to know, for sure few good things, any other info will be HIGHly appreciated. 1) is growing low thc weed (0.2%) the same as weed with higher thc(I assume yes but worth to ask) 2) going for led light is it suggested,what area do they...
  3. A3D3D6F4-2730-4D95-95FA-73F318D8902F.jpeg


  4. O

    I'm a starter and I really need help soon

    So I ordered Purple Haze seeds. I got them the other day. I've put them into a bowl then put it in a box with a lid and stuck it in the dark. They've grown and I've stuck them in some potting soil. The potting soil I bought was Sta-Green. I've put the potting soil into some Solo cups and this is...
  5. Skullman420

    A thread for the users of Mars-Hydro lamps

    Hi :) I'm DeVille, and I am a happy user of several Mars-Hydro products. Right now I own 4 lamps and am waiting for 8 more. I am Pro series user and I have had fantastic results with this series of lamps. In my subjective view they did outperform HD/HID lamps in the same setup. So I bought more...
  6. Weednoob

    Weednoob's First Grow - Soil - Indoor - White Widow Auto - 2017

    Hello there weed lovers. Im am new to this site but it got me very interested into growing weed. I smoke weed just for fun and some relaxing but for me it costs a bit. So I thought why not grow a plant so I can spare money and have more weed to smoke with my friends :high-five: So this is my...
  7. D

    600w Gavita VS 600w Advanced LED Diamond Series

    I'm trying to decide between the diamond series LED 800w and the 600w gavita hps, what would you recommend? I have a high ceiling, so the gavita sounds good, but does it produce a lot of heat? I am using a 10ft x 10ft x 9 ft room, and only 400cfm to exhaust, so I'm worried about heat. Also...
  8. B

    What do you think of this new grow light?

    i found this new grow light that is curved. i'm thinking i might be interested. it could make my babies grow taller and stronger. what do you guys think? ARC Series: The Grow Light Reinvented by The Market Smart Team ? Kickstarter
  9. Cronichemphog

    ChronicHemphog's - DWC - Advanced LEDs - Time to Grow - Grow

    OK here we go:thumb: so this is nutes used are bpn 3 part also for other plants botanicares pro gro, pro bloom, silica blast and hydroplex also using massive for bloom phase lights are t-8 litro gro lights for veg advanced led's diamond series and diamond series with cree xml for bloom...
  10. C

    Trying a 24/0 cycle LED grow with 1 plant

    Trying a 24/0 cycle LED grow with 1 plant. Its a nirvana seeds autoflower feminized bubblicious and doing it in fox farms ocean forest. Also doing DNA seeds cannalope kush and Northern lights x blueberry in a separate tent under 250w hps still the same fox farms ocean forest soil but doing the...
  11. T

    Legitimate LED dealers or no?

    Hey guys, Ok so here is my dilemma, I already have some LEDs from sunshine systems I am verging with, they are fantastic and I would highly highly recommend them, however, they are very expensive so I have been looking for somewhere else to buy my next led from. I want atleast 240 watts in this...
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