1. john doe grower

    Advice on COB - 4x4 grow

    hi, growers! 1st time posting and 1st time grower here trying to get some advice on lightning. Still a little bit confused on diy COB fixtures and especially insecure about what's "really" necessary to grow some plants (maybe 3-4 for that space?) and, yeah, I've read some good amount about it...
  2. M

    PC GrowBox setup - LED questions

    Hi all, I'm totally new to all of this, but I've decided to try to make a DIY pc grow box. (mostly for the fun of it and also if it gets me something around 1ounce every 3months would be awesome) I've got myself an Antec case (like this one but without the acrylic door) which has these...
  3. K

    Lighting LED & other questions - Please help

    How many watts of LED grow light (in its right spectrum for grow blue and red) meaning not a full spectrum LED light but the one specialized for MJ growing are needed per square feet? is just that most stuff i read it says it needs X amount of LED light per square feet but is not clear to me if...
  4. P

    Heat during flowering - help

    So I should start off by saying this is my first time growing my own and I'm doing a poor man's grow. Cheapest I can. And So here's my dilemma, I'm growing two plants in my closet and I'm using the grow lights right now as heat to keep it in between 70 and 80 degrees. And they keep it right at...
  5. T

    Moonlight, Lightning and other light sources???

    Hey everyone a question for those with far more knowledge than I. If plants are so sensitive to getting any light during the supposed night cycle why aren't they affected by the light bounced off the moon? And what affect does lightning have? Or other form of lighting a torch, street...
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