Heat during flowering - help


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So I should start off by saying this is my first time growing my own and I'm doing a poor man's grow. Cheapest I can. And So here's my dilemma, I'm growing two plants in my closet and I'm using the grow lights right now as heat to keep it in between 70 and 80 degrees. And they keep it right at the perfect temperature. But I need to push it into flower in the next week or so because they're getting so big. I need a solution to keeping my closet in between 70 and 80 degrees while my lights are off. Any suggestions?
Re: heat during flowering. help.

That's what I was thinking. But I don't know if it's warm enough during the day to keep my plants at the right temperature. I need to do an ambient temperature test to see how warm it stays during the day. I was also thinking about using the heating mats, but I don't know if it's more important to keep the roots warm or the plant itself warm during flower. I try doing some research on it, but came up with a bunch of unrelated shit.
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