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  1. hazeluv69

    Carbon filter slows down extractor immensely?

    Hi all, straight to it; my carbon filter which I have been using for well over a year now slows down my extractor fan quiet a bit, I first thought it was the fan so I bought a new one. My temperature with the carbon filter attached (lights on) would now be anywhere from 30-35 degrees Celsius ...
  2. phiGweed

    Help with Drying

    Good afternoon guys! Today was the big day! I have come to the end of my grow and now have to tackle the drying and curing process. Never made it this far so all advice is welcome! My current temp and humidity is 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 50-55%. She is in complete darkness. Should my temp and...
  3. Temp/Humidity


    Humidity spike in veg, time to trim
  4. A

    COB LED Temperature

    Hi guys, i'm new here. I've recently bought some chinese LED (6 led drived 31V 1,24A about 38W each), they are water cooled. I did some temperature tests. I can't solder the thermalcouple on these cob (they don't have it) so i just used an infrared thermometer (the cheapest on amazon)...
  5. D

    Flowering & budding seems behind schedule - Temperature? Light?

    I've got three plants in flower since October 20th, so as of 12/8 coming up on week 7/day 50. The buds just don't look as big as what I've seen (generally) in grow journals that are at this stage. I'm guessing it could be two things: temperature, since it's been averaging low 60s and...
  6. F

    Adding a vegging room and temperature control

    Hi all! I'm currently growing 2 autos and one normal fem g13 in a 90x90x185 secret jardin dr90. It's my first indoor grow for years and first using a tent rather than a converted wardrobe so I'm actually finding myself over ventilated! I'm using a Viparspectra 600W LEDS (actual draw around...
  7. T

    Success in my garage right next to my car!

    I'm new to this, but I'd like to share my setup with you. It's taken me a while to get it right, but I'm getting some good results. I'm growing in two canvas grow tents in my garage. One is 2'x4'x5' for flowering and the other is 2'x2'x4' for vegetative growth. The big tent has a 600W LED and...
  8. C

    UK grow temp drop & plant still not ready

    Hi everyone, I moved back to the UK from the Canary Islands last year and bought a few of my seeds back with me. Thought i'd give growing a go here and I've got a nice little White Widow who I pretty much left alone through the summer, with the occasional nutes. Although October has been...
  9. S

    An affordable solution for keeping your nutes cool

    Hey guys, I bought this off AliExpress to use for cooling down the nutes and it works remarkably well so I thought I'd share it with you guys: I tested it, the unit draws about 95watts when it's cooling and close to zero when idle. It runs on a single peltier cooling chip, so besides the...
  10. 28 Grams

    Just made my way into the world of COBs

    I'm excited, I'm due to start my second grow next week and I just ordered a Triple-COB Kit. They're VERO 29 Chips, I got two 3500K's and one 3000K -- that should give me a decent spectrum for veg and a awesome spectrum for bloom. I sold my $350 LED light (at a $100 loss) to purchase this kit...
  11. P

    Simple Ventilated Door Modification For Closet Grow

    Howdy y'all, Are you having temperature problems in your walking closet? I sure was! Proper ventilation is absolutely crucial to the health and vitality of the plant that you are trying so hard to cultivate. Unfortunately, I have been reading that a non-insignificant number of growers are okay...
  12. H

    Root Rot!

    What Strain is it? Super Silver Haze How Many Plants? 6 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Veg If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 30days Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? DWC If Hydro, Reservoir size? 8Liter If Hydro, Reservoir Temperature? 23-25 Size (Wattage) of...
  13. D

    How do plants deal with 98 degree temps?

    I need help about a hot spell that's coming up in a few days. Grow Info Strain - AK-48 Number of Plants? 2 Growth Stage? Flower - week 2. Plants are in good shape but have just recovered from a mild case of nute damage. I dicked up the conversion factor so I was 40% over strength for the...
  14. J

    Persistent problem

    SOIL GROW Strain - Jack Herera # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flowering Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - (1) 400 Watt HPS Nutrients - Emerald Harvest, elements cal/mag, backstrap and mammoth P Medium - happy frog brown bag PPM - n/a PH - 6.5 RH - 50% to 55% Room...
  15. 28 Grams

    Air from the dehumidifier is very warm

    Before I got a dehumidifier here were my stats: Ambient temperature: 70-85F Tent temperature: 70-85F Humidity: 70-99% So I got a dehumidifier and hooked up the exhaust to the intake of tent, so now the humility is as lowe as I want (45%) but it's SUPER warm. My temperature monitor said...
  16. 420Actual

    Cree Cob Color Temperature Assistance

    Hello, This is my first time posting, so I first wanted to say thank you for having a great place to ask questions and read information. Secondly I want to add that I most certainly searched the forums before asking my question. Although there are some threads with pertaining info, my...
  17. S

    Can bacteria in my reservoir raise its temperature and affect its pH?

    Question: Could the elevated temperature of the nutrient solution in my reservoir, and possibly the overnight pH drops, be the result of the bacteria culture that I dose the tank with at my weekly water change? (2 ml/gallon Hydroguard brand bacillus) What I have observed My reservoir has...
  18. T

    Controlling Temperature in DS60 Tent

    Hope everyone is well! I am using a DS60 tent with a 250w hps. Have set up a bubble pot and have 2 fans in the tent. Running a TT extractor and getting negative pressure. The problem I have is the heat being too high. I have tried all sorts with this setup but still getting temps 38oc at...
  19. E

    grow room too hot. temperature toooooo high... help.

    Hi guys. i got 18 plants in my grow tent (5x10x6.5), with 2 1000MH light not air cooled. and i have a exhaust fan with carbon fiber filter. the temperature went up to 100 degree F. and it never went down. its my first time grow. really need help. do i need a air conditioner?
  20. F

    Help! Over-heating problems

    Hey everyone. I'm having problems with the temperature in my grow tent. I've read other forums but this is my set up so any help appriciated I have a 1.2x1.2x2.0meter tent. 600watt magnetic hps ballast and a 600watt has grow lamp. I have a carbon filter running at the top of my tent with...
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