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Hi all,

I'm totally new to all of this, but I've decided to try to make a DIY pc grow box. (mostly for the fun of it and also if it gets me something around 1ounce every 3months would be awesome)

I've got myself an Antec case (like this one
but without the acrylic door) which has these dimensions: 20.6" x 8.1" x 18.6" (50.8cm x 20.31cm x 45.72cm)

As the space is pretty tight in there, I'm thinking to go with hydroponics and LEDs specially because of the heating aspect.
But the hard part is to know what to buy for such a small space (and also very tight budget :p).

The plan is to start with just one plant and eventually, if it goes ok, maybe try it with two (more than that seems irrealistic, right?).
I'm going with a small autoflowering strain (maybe Hindu Kush or Royal Dwarf) and using scrog and lst as needed.

I'm still trying to figure out the lights and after that i'll start researching for the fans/carbon filter and after that the hydroponics and nuts part.
From what I've read, those chinese UFO's aren't recomended, right? Still, those prices are really interesting :p
For such a small space (and only 1 or 2 plants), what wattage would you recomend?

I've done this selection so far... tips about these would be awesome :)
- 35eur - 95/50W UFO

- 80eur - 192/96W COB

- 75eur - 300/140W MarsHydro

(forgot to mention, since i'm in Europe, it helps if the items are shipped from the EU as I won't have to pay for extra import taxes that way... which would be 30% on the price + shipping)

I was hopping to manage to get the lights for around 50eur/dollar, but i'm guessing i'll have to spend a little more, no?
Right now i'm more inclined for the MarsHydro.

I'm also considering to add in a few led strips to the sides of the case, to make sure the stems get as much light as possible.
For that, i was looking for something like this:

The plan is to try to have it all controlled by a raspberrypi/arduino, to control the temperature, lights, fans and ph measurements. After all, it is a pc box ;)

Any help would be much much appreciated :)
I'd go with the brightest light setup you can without overheating the grow box. What about the smell? you may need a carbon filter - and in that case a fan with a pressure rating high enough to pull threw ya carbon filter.
These are the smallest hydro units i've seen on the market, not that you would consider one to use... They might give you an idea of how small you could make a hydro unit... Their smallest is the sprout models... Although I suspect a small self contained hydro unit, the size you want, wouldn't give you anywhere near the yield you want... You will still need to keep a cooling fan to deal with the generated heat.. AeroGarden Comparison Chart....
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