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hi, growers!

1st time posting and 1st time grower here trying to get some advice on lightning.
Still a little bit confused on diy COB fixtures and especially insecure about what's "really" necessary to grow some plants (maybe 3-4 for that space?) and, yeah, I've read some good amount about it. But I also feel, regardless from reading, that I'll get more confident with some straight answers.

My grow will be whole diy. The initial idea is to build a closet grow (something like) with wood as the structure, 4x4 (1,20m x 1,20m approx).
I plan to grow 3-4 plants in that space (too little or too much?).

As for lightning... here comes most of the doubts.
I don't have that much money, that's why the idea of diy'ing everything (things are expensive here in my country).
With that in mind and trying to have a decent crop...
what would guys suggest for COB and drivers?

I initially thought on 4x Citizen CLU048-1212 GEN 6 90 CRI 2700K and 2x Citizen CLU048-1212 GEN 6 80 CRI 4000K.
Would that be decent? If so, what would be a good driver to pair with? I've read and found some calculator for that, but would like to check with you all anyway.

my most sincere thanks.
cob isn't that hard


it's good to real big if you go with it though


it's pretty simple if you run series. i run an even mix of 3000k and 3500k which is a flower bias but still does good for veg. i tossed 5050 smd burples in to the veg rig, they act as ramp up / down dawn / sunset running at the beginning and end of the day cycle.

cob is kinda old school, you should look into building a strip rig.
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