1. Bnizl3

    Bnizl3’s Indoor RDWC- Clay Pebbles: 2022 Kush Fruity Mix Pack Grow Journal

    Kush-Fruity Mix Pack Planted 3/5/2022 Banana Kush-Ending seedling 3/5/22 60% Indica 40% Sativa Mango Kush-Ending Seedling 3/5/22 65% Indica 35% Sativa Blackberry Kush-7 day old seedling 3/12/22 80% Indica 20% Sativa Indoor 3 pot system with res, Rwdc system 4x2x6. Clay...
  2. Ryn0nTX

    First Grow, Ryn0nTX: Critical Mango, Ebb 'N’ Flow, 2020

    Starting my first grow and journal. I look forward to hearing from all of you! I enjoy smoking occasionally, however I am more of a whiskey man myself. I am venturing out with growing my own simply so I can produce my very own RS oil. I have severe back problems and a good OTC CBD oil works...
  3. SDWhiskers

    First Grow: Mango Kush Fem

    Strain - Fem Mango Kush Grow Cabinet - 2x2x6 Seedling Light - unknown cfl Veg & bloom light - 450w LED A few years ago I built a cabinet with the intention to grow a cannabis plant. A couple weeks later my girlfriend moved in so I abolished the idea and disassembled the cabinet just in case...
  4. G

    Pink Mango

    Hi - interested in pink mango (Brazil). Any insights into how one might come across this variety? Looking for seeds. E.g. Breeders. Thanks G
  5. DonJuanaGrow

    Auto Mango By Rare Earth

    Well folks I'm really looking forward to Growing these Autoflower Mango strain of Cannabis It will be my 1st time - -
  6. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Auto Mango Cream Microgrow

    Not much to report at the moment. I'm growing 1 mango cream autoflower in soil with CFLs. I'll be feeding BAC organic nutrients. She just broke soil. Nothing pic worthy for now.
  7. O

    OldBoyz Mango Saphire - Gravita Plasma - Autopot - Hydrotops Grow Journal

    Hello, This is my first post. I've been growing for personal pleasure for many years and now I want to share the joy. This is Humbolt Seed's Mango Saphire, originally sourced from Dinafem I keep a good mother plant and clone. I think I only photographed this when I switched to flower, but I...
  8. C

    7 Flo - 1 x Mango - 3 Chem - 1 SSH

    How's it going fellow growers. I am currently growing 7 Flo, 3 Chem, and 1 SSH(clone straight to 12/12). The 6 Flo, 1 Flo x mango, and 3 Chem are on their 7th day of flower as of today. So here we go I am happy to present my babies to you. Nutes: Bio vega + age old grow any suggestions? how...
  9. G

    Golfas' Soil - Indoor - Auto - Grow Journal - 2016

    Hi guys, im currently writing this journal because I would like some advice. They sprouted for about a 1 week, room temp his between 21ºC/25ºC with 60%/65% of humidity. My babies have a 11 Litres buckets, one is a Auto Super Bud and the other one a Sweet Mango (auto as well). Indoor Regular...
  10. R

    Mango trees

    If i was to plant a mango tree next to pot would it increase the potency? Kind of how if you plant jalapeños next to habeneros the jalapeños end up hotter.
  11. O

    Southern Hemisphere - Outdoor - Blue Dream - Mango - Purple Widow - Auto

    So - I've wanted to start a grow journal a long time ago. Well not a long time ago. But when I've started to grow cannabis. I've got so many thoughs to pin down, but I guess I'm lazy and I forget me thoughts until I remember them again. Something like that. I am not a cannabis user. Where I...
  12. S

    1st Grow Dinafem Haze Auto with Sugar Mango Ryder

    Hey guys so I'm pretty barebone right now. I bought seeds from Attitude Seed Bank online. Got the around the 2nd of January. Germination took two full days. First off I got 3 Dinafem Haze Automatic And a freebie Sugar Mango Ryder They sprouted on the 6th in 1 liter pots. Lightimg ...
  13. Q

    My First CFL Grow - Mango Kush

    This is my first CFL Grow _____________________ Mango Kush Indica State: Vegetative(Last week) Indoor Soil 1 Gallon pots Room Tempeture from 70-80 F Watering Every Day 200 ML Items Used: 2-200 Watt CFL-White light(Cool Light) 1-100 Watt CFL-Warm Light 1 Fan Nutrients Pure blend Pro Grow(Veg...
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