First Grow, Ryn0nTX: Critical Mango, Ebb 'N’ Flow, 2020


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Starting my first grow and journal. I look forward to hearing from all of you! I enjoy smoking occasionally, however I am more of a whiskey man myself. I am venturing out with growing my own simply so I can produce my very own RS oil. I have severe back problems and a good OTC CBD oil works well, but it’s expensive. So I am looking for more potency and cost savings (long run).

I am starting my journal a bit late, currently in the middle of week 3

Here is what I have……..


Strain: (3x) CBD Critical Mango (Critical Mass/Mango)
Strain Type: 30% Sativa, 70% Indica
Percentages: 6% THC / 6% CBD
A fourth plant that was a bag seed. No clue what it is but thought it would be fun and I had the room.

Grow Setup
Type: Ebb and Flow Indoor grow room with GH nutes
Size: 10’x6’ insulated (former) laundry room
Media: Rapid Rooter starter plugs – Hydroton
Nutes: GH CALi-MAGic; Micro; Grow and Bloom. I am currently following the GH guidelines that I found in the 420 Forums

(4x) 5-Gallon buckets with 6” built-in net pots

18 on / 6 off
Timer: (2x) NEARPOW Multifunctional Programmable Timer (one for nutes/one for lights)
Veg - (2x) Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT48 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System, 4 Foot, 8 Tube 6.5k
Flower - MARS HYDRO TSW 2000W Led Grow Light (these have been ordered and will be installed when they come in.

Temp: 76 deg F avg.
RH%: 55-65

(1) Stationary fan. I have two wall mountable oscillating fans and will install them soon.

Timer: On for 15 minutes 6 times per day (every 3.5 hours from 6AM – 11:30 PM) Lights and nutes are off from 12AM-6AM
Nutes: .5ml CAL-MAG/5ml Grow/ 2.5ml Micro/2.5ml Bloom per gallon of RO water.
PH: 6.5
Water: 7 stage RO filtered water
This is where I am now with the grow. In the middle of week 3.
Rapid Rooter plugs in tray and dome (not pictured) using ONLY RO water once at the end of week 1......
Start Tray M.jpg

Roots at transplant M.JPG
Start Tray M.jpg
Roots at transplant M.JPG
Reminds me of my set up 20 years ago. Looks good :thumb:
Thanks! I've been experimenting with aeroponics and had really good results with cucumbers and tomatoes. It seemed that the ebb and flow would be a little less maintenance. Once I install the Mars led's they will be in the middle of the room...or at least off the walls.
UPDATE: So apparently I found a week somewhere! I was off on the dates. Theses girls came out of their seed on 3/15/20. This is when I planted them in the rapid rooters and placed them in the germination tray/dome. on 3/28/20 I moved them to the dutch buckets and started feeding them. Prior to that they only had RO water.

So we are on day 20 (since the tap root busted out). I was told that they were very small on another thread. He posted a pic of his plant at 3 weeks and it was quite a bit larger. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology when saying how old they are/what stage they are in? It didn't help that I said they are nearly three weeks old in the thread when they were truly only 15 days :nerd-with-glasses:

I'm going to post some updated pics in a bit. They are looking great!
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