mystery strain

  1. Scottylikesbud

    Completed Unknown Flowering Plants 2000W LED Hydroponic

    Soo I’ve been growing these two since late October, switched the light schedule to flowering on the fifth of January. This would make it its fourth week since the switch. I am growing them in 5 gallon buckets (with two air stones each), currently under a 2000 watt apelilia led light...
  2. SPQR

    First Seed Ever - Rooftop Terrace in Rome, Italy

    Hey guys, brand new to this. So here goes, first post. I live in Rome, Italy and some friends and I found a seed in the stuff we were smoking last week. I took it home, put it in water and all that for 24 hours, then planted it in a big cup. I never really thought anything would happen to it...
  3. danishoes21

    Completed Diesel Auto (Fem) + Sensi Star (Fem) + Mystery Seed (Mexican Brick Weed)

    Hello folks Hope you guys all doing great growing and smoking. After a busy summer (work), I gotta say I lost all my summer plants due to lack of care... Long story short... But I came up with this Grow Experiment idea: I have a Diesel Auto (fem) Sensi Star (fem)...
  4. Weed Farmer

    Lemon Joy

    Bought these seeds from High Times Head Shop in Montreal called Lemon Joy from the medical marijuana seed company and thought it would be a good seed to start as they were only $50 (feminized were nearly $200 and I did not want to spend that my first grow). I went online to get some info on the...
  5. W

    1st grow Mystery strain. I think it's Raspberry kush

    10 days of veg from seed after transplant to 2 gal. container and proper home (gre for 10 days on windowsill) Didn't really keep track but I'd say week 6 of veg, one week before I plan to start her in flower
  6. W

    1st grow-Mystery Strain-Suspected Raspberry kush

    Hey guys, here are some pics of my first grow experiment. The thing is I actually did not plan this, but one day I was breaking up the last of a rather large nug that was the last of a quarter that I had recently purchased. And it was agreed upon by several others that this particular bud...

    Completed PhatBlunts GWS,Northern Lights Grow

    hey guys im in for my second run, after relocating the grow, last harvest yielded about 4oz from 2 plants. and im looking to really increase that on number!! so im trying to germ my seeds, i have 4 Fem GWS and 4 Regular Northern Lights (hoping for male to make seeds) how should i germ...
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