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Bought these seeds from High Times Head Shop in Montreal called Lemon Joy from the medical marijuana seed company and thought it would be a good seed to start as they were only $50 (feminized were nearly $200 and I did not want to spend that my first grow). I went online to get some info on the strain and could only find that lemon kush is a cross between lemon joy and kush...

here is the only website which provides any information on the strain which I found 420 Magazine ®

Does anyone out there have any other sources of information?

Has anyone ever grown this strain before?

Thanks guys for any comments or feedback!

you will see some real mysterious Lemon Joy

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I think this should be in the grow journal section bro. Doesn't look like a review, looks more like a grow. But i will follow it either way! Good luck my friend!

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I am hoping to get some reviews from others because I cannot find anything about this strain... you can read my story on my first blog at 420 Magazineâ„¢ - Weed Farmer - Blogs
All I want to do is get some more information! So if anyone has ever heard of this strain... let me know.

I am currently growing this strain and will be providing my own review as the grow comes along.

I am currently in my fourth week and things are looking a lil shady... Ive noticed what could be root rot or stem rot of some sort. I am going to try bathing it in a h2o2 solution and see if it goes away... I read somewhere that the seeds could be carriers of root rot or something so the strain might be a dud. We'll see!

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Started LST on one of my 5 Lemon Joys, want to see what I can do... here are some pictures

Number L.J.7 is doing exceptionally well despite what I thought was root rot. The white film forming at the base of the stem is going away and a strong green bark is forming instead. Il keep yall posted

If anyone has any info on this strain please share! I have not been able to find any concrete info on this strain other than it may have been crossed with some OG Kush X Lemon Joy to make Lemon (Lime) Kush

I will keep yall up to date from seed to smoke! Check out the plants in my first grow here: 420 Magazine ®

You can also check out a simultaneous grow for the 60 Day Wonder from DNA Genetics here: 420 Magazine ®

Thanks. Peace :peace:
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