1. B

    Advice needed

    Some of the leaves are drooping and some are curling a little on the sides. Is this normal or what could be wrong? They are 9 days old and this is my first grow. (Picture below)
  2. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Legalization Expanding To More States

    Marijuana Business Daily is reporting efforts are now under way in five new states to legalize either recreational or medical marijuana. There are signature drives in Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah and South Dakota to legalize medical marijuana. South Dakota also has a proposed ballot measure that...
  3. F

    4x5 flower tent

    Hi Ive jus started to setup my 4ft x 5ft flower area. Would i be best using 2 x 600w or 1 x 1000w lamp? Got ballests already and air cooled reflectors if needed. I could also get a light mover on the 1000w if needed. Thanks all.
  4. R

    Personal License

    I have a prescription for medical cannabis, I want to grow my own but the dr that gave me the script wont fill out the Health Canada medical forum or give me a copy of the information needed. Are they allowed to deny me access to my med records? I am in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  5. M

    Dispensary Knowledge Needed

    I'm looking for a mentor to walk me through the process and to help me with resources like products and legal aspects of the dispensary business.
  6. W

    How much soil needed for Royal Dwarves?

    Hi fellow greenlovers! I'm wanting to start with my first grow soon and have tried to gather a lot of information on the subject. Now I read different things about how many liters the pots should be. I think I want to start off with autoflowers: About 5 Royal Dwarves and maybe 1 White...
  7. S

    Very basic help needed

    Hi, I'm new to hydroponic growing, and I'm sure I'm over thinking this but I'm baffled on adding nutrients. I have a 10 gallon resovoir due to be changed and plants up for first feeding, now do I add enough nutrients for all 10 gallons or just a half gallon per plant? Sorry this is a noob...
  8. K

    Drug Screen Advice

    I recently took a pre employment 5 panel drug screen. I am a female so luckily I was able to give them a warm CLEAN sample. However.... I was on my period and some of MY Blood got into the cup. Will this give me a positive test for THC? Help needed.
  9. L

    Advice needed

    Hi everyone need assistance with grow and getting round on the site
  10. B

    Help - Information needed

    HI my bloody skunk is 11 days old and i transplant him in bigger pot near 4.3litters from 300 ml pot she just grown 2nd set of leafs its an autoflower and she sprout with one yellow cotyledon just yesterday i spot her roots are about to touch the pot i have germ her in and i transplant her...
  11. K

    Hey all - Opinions needed

    I am getting ready to place my seed order for the upcoming season and I'm looking for opinions on some bad ass weed, ( sorry tommy). I'm looking for some laughing type stuff and some, who that's some deep shit weed. All opinions and facts appreciated. I grew some LSD and was not as triply as...
  12. E

    Opinion needed - Week 2

    Hiya, what do you guys think?
  13. wellfleetion

    Amherst Sour D & Hash Bomb LED Soil Grow

    So I gotta keep it going as my goal is keep growing ahead of my stash with no need to go to a dispensary, evah. So here I go again... 2x4 Tent 2 LED 300 Watt lights (using only 1 till the other is needed) Michigan Made Potting Mix My 1st grow I went with 4 plants and it was too many. I plan...
  14. gr865

    Light stand for vertical grow!

    Just completed the light stand for my 5 plant vertical screen winter grow. it sits over a 12" 3 speed fan blowing vertical and a secondary fan as needed. Here is a pic of the lamp stand for the 400W HPS to fit over the fan, finished today. Changing the height of the lamp will be done...
  15. F

    Help needed

    Can anyone help me and confirm what's wrong. I'm thinking it's due to ph fluctuations as I've checked the run off and it's quite low. Any help is much appreciated
  16. M

    Weed washing formula - Quick and easy help needed

    MallorcaWeed; Outdoor Newb
  17. C

    First grow nightmare - Urgent help needed

    I'm in to my 4th week of flowering and everything was looking good up until yesterday when the leaves on one plant started turning yellow and curling up, I've seen this on the bottom leaves but this was all over the plant. I read somewhere that at this stage of flowering I needed to remove all...
  18. R

    Sea of green

    I've been growing for years, just here to give and receive feedback when needed. I still can't figure out how to start a new thread with photos
  19. Pat999

    320w CFL info needed - Pretty please

    Good Day, I am looking for some advice, been reading through some CFL related threads on here and just would like some more input. I was growing my setup with a weak 46w, basically two 23's, from which I actually got some bud which I am smoking. I want to upgrade to some bigger lights on...
  20. T

    Experts opinion needed

    what do u think? 18 days old
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