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nitrogen deficency

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    More pennywise leaf concerns
  2. J

    Yellowing leaves during flower

    Hey chaps Almost 2 months into flowering and the leaves on the bottom of the plant are turning yellow. I recently changed the light position so it hits the side of the plant and thus hits the lower branches, and this problem arose. I understand that this is what happens as the plants turn...
  3. Sir Budlovski

    Need advice! 6 weeks 1 day in flower extreme yellowing

    Hey there every body as the title suggests i need some help i have a small plant i had lst'd and been using cfls on it is in soil and at 6 weeks 1 day flowering (day 43) i have had some trouble hitting its spot with nutrients and gave it what is going to probably be its last nutes the other...
  4. WizHigh

    Not sure if its Iron or -N?

    Getting straight to the point with pics. I figure if its a nitrogen def then I have to up the dosage on N and turn on the heat at night because it gets a little cold in the room. The growth rate has slowed so im thinking its nitrogen def. I started to think well maybe its feeding on its self...
  5. WizHigh

    Whats the best way to fix an Nitrogen Overload def?

    Its been two weeks and I transferred one of my plants twice already because IDK if its the PH of the soil or what?? Im stop giving nutes and just been feeding with water with super thrive and CaMg+ added to the mix. also kelp. I flushed twice since this started with PH water and ive also used a...
  6. WizHigh

    Having a Nitrogen PH soil problem - Please Help! Pics!

    This is my first grow sorta second. My first plant I tryd to grow died. So im trying again. Its a definite nitrogen toxicity. I flushed once but with was before transplanting into organic soil. I have sulfur thats also organic that I plan on using and I want to make it into a tea. Question is...
  7. Joesoap

    Nitrogen deficancy in my ak48 babies?

    Hi everybody i have 2 week old ak48s that are getting very light green in the new growth and a tiny bit on some of the older leafs.They are just about to outgrow their pots and all i have been giving them is ph'd rainwater as i live close to a water treatment plant and the ppm is crazy in my tap...
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