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  2. Grow room build and design tools

    Grow room build and design tools

    Pipe and Humidity/Temperature meter in Grow room.
  3. Mr. Krip

    The PerfectPipe: 420 Magazine Review By Mr. Krip

    Smoking pipes have been in use since approximately 600 BC and, as near as I can tell, have gone largely unchanged since then. So when I was asked to review the PerfectPipe by R&D Innovations, I was a little skeptical. And, when I was told it was important to read and follow the instructions, I...
  4. Blackberry Fire Handmade Pipe

    Blackberry Fire Handmade Pipe

    Handmade pipe from the stalk of blackberry fire. Used brass bowl and mouth piece.
  5. Slinks

    Where can I find info on RDWC?

    So ive found lots of how I built my rdwc system plan info but not much about the science... What I want to know is the science behind pipe sizes, bucket sizes, benefits of epicentre, length of pipe in relation to flow etc. I need more technical info rather than just plans so I can look at...
  6. D

    Unique way to vent grow room for no odor detection

    I have a grow room in my basement with and use a heavy duty exhaust fan with a 4" discharge. I removed the sewer cleanout cover in my basement, extended a 4" plastic pipe from the cleanout to two feet above the floor and attached the fan discharge to the pipe. All the smell from my grow room...
  7. P

    Original Piece Pipe stealth one-hit

    Have you guys and gals tried the Piece Pipe? It's a stealth one-hitter from Sweden. I love it because it I can hang it on a pocket chain that my keys are attached to and it's always available yet hardly noticeable. I keep a hit in the bowl and a couple in the hidden stash section. Highly...
  8. A

    Help me design a good marijuana gift box

    My brothers are just as big of potheads as me so I'm throwing together a weed gift box for them each but want more ideas. So far they're each getting: Grinder Hemp wick Alcohol swabs (easy way to clean your bowl) Clipper lighter Doob tube Prerolled joint (with weed from my grow) Glass joint...
  9. K

    WA: Buckley Resident Aims To Reinvent The Water Pipe

    Think of a Tinker Toy set, but for smokers. That's what Buckley resident Paul Galaviz has sent to the U.S. patent office last July; a new water pipe (or bong) design that is durable, cleanable, and — this is Galaviz's big thing — customizable. "It's like an erector set of the bong world...
  10. D

    4 inch to 1 inch hose pipe exaust

    Just wondering, where I live is susceptible to mould, living in a well-insulated bungo pad, living in the middle of a small manicured shit green grass mote surrounded as a local authority spy hole on the tuft it's also a mould magnet. Without wanting to upset the heavy's. I'm trying to grow a...
  11. G

    Airlift pumps for hydroponics and aquaponics

    Airlift pumps are sometimes used in aquaponics and hydroponics. The nice thing about them is that the air pump can be elsewhere, they are very simple while the height that it pumps to is highly variable depending on the tube and pipe size that you use. Potentially you could irrigate a wall of...
  12. S

    OSPCO SwitchPipe - New Switchblade Action Pipe

    Greetings. My name is Curt and I am new to this forum and I am here looking for feedback on a current project of mine. This will also be a review by me of my own pipe (OSPCO SwitchPipe) as there are currently only a few other people in possession of the pipe i'm reviewing, and considering i'm...
  13. E

    RDWC Question

    I got 2 rows of 3 buckets joined with 1 1/2" pipe do i need to plumb these 2 pipes into my nute tank or do you use a tee and 1 pipe back to tank. I will be using a mj1000 in nute tank feeding top of buckets. Was going to start today but just seen the 1 pipe from tank and its confused the crap...
  14. L

    The Ironman of Pipes

    I got a Pyptek Pocket last year, and I was kinda apprehensive at first cause I usually don't like metal pipes. And cause they looked a little pricey at first. This pipe is so cool I ended up getting 2 of them! A little one for adventures, and a big one (that I got custom engraved) for smoking at...
  15. Smokin Js

    Quality, Affordable Glass from Smokin Js

    We've got everything you need for a smokin lifestyle. American made glass, vapes, smoking accessories, hippie fashion, tapestries, and more! Use coupon code: LEAF at checkout for 15% off your purchase. Good now through 07/31/15. Free shipping on orders over $100! Fast and discrete shipping.
  16. Aqua Lab Tech

    New Solar Hit Pipes

    Make sure to grab yourself and a friend a Solar Hit Pipe for your Outdoor Summer Adventures. Every Solar Hit comes packed with an Adventure!!!! Solar Hit Pipe Aqua Lab Tech
  17. H

    Monthly Subscription for Pipes & Accessories....

    I recently signed up for a service called Thrift Pipe. It's a monthly subscription for a smoker's needs. It was $25, and I was guaranteed a high quality glass pipe & 5 accessories. I figured I would just try it for one month and unsubscribe, but this package literally blew me away. After work...
  18. M

    Spiritual ceramic bongs and pipes

    Hi What you think about my spiritual ceramic bong?
  19. AscendedMasterKief

    AscendedMasterKief's new bubbler

    Newest addition for my small glass family. It's a small, palm-sized bubbler I got a gas station for a great price. Been using the hell out of it. Got it a few weeks ago. With flash Without
  20. Massdrop

    23% off Volcano Desktop Vaporizer, 17% off Magic Flight Water Pipe Whip

    Hey Guys, We are currently running buys on the Volcano Desktop Vaporizer (23% off - $408.99) Magic Flight Water Pipe Whip (17% off - $24.99) and the RooR Tech Bubblers (39% off - $199.99) Please PM me or email me if you have any questions! Thanks, Kunal...
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