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  1. chelseacold

    How do I clean my glass bull bowl?

    Soooo.. I have this bull glass bowl and its pretty dirty (way different from picture) anyways, my brother and I cleaned most of the res out like by sticking a paperclip in and scraping and hot water but there is still some remaning stuff around the bull's mouth and like around and like on...
  2. K

    Glass changing question- beakers to pipes/bongs

    Hi, thanks for your help if your reading this. i have become in possession of 12, 3inch cylinder beakers and have noticed i can alter the shape of them to create a mouthpiece, but i was curious as to what to do about a bowlpiece? or to make it into a stem? does anyone have any experience or...
  3. PurpleHazee

    What should I name my new pipe?

    What's a clever name for my new pipe? My friend got it for me from Jamaica! It's an elephant, the body of it is the bowl and the trunk is going upwards for the airway. What are some names?
  4. BongIn Stoner

    Bongin Glass Bongs and Pipes

    I set up this thread for collecting some responses from our customers and fans. You can post there your opinions - product reviews, recommendations, questions etc. :51:
  5. R

    Halloween - Candy Corn Glass Pipe

    Halloween is my favorite time of the year, theres nothing you can't love about halloween. But you know what would be the fucking bomb? A triangular pipe or bong coloured like a peice of candy corn. I don't know why I haven't found something like this yet, It would be so perfect man, we...
  6. K

    My Pipes

    These are my 2 pipes, (I had an amazing hammer, but it shattered). The small peanut pipe is rather new, and including today, it has only been used 5 times. The choke feels so cool when you press it. The bigger one has been used a countless number of times, and it is one of the best pipes I have...
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