1. P

    Advice on fans, air circulation and PM

    HeyI have a few questions on air circulation. The reason is because today I looked on my exhaust fan (black AC Infinity) and saw some white powdery substance. Now my plants don’t have any on them and I quickly wiped the fan with alcohol. I have 3-6” clip fans and a 6” exhaust fan. Should I be...
  2. SweetSue

    Cannabis Dust: Simple Consumption, Unexpected Potency

    Now for something different..... @Bucudinkydow has stumbled on the simple method of consuming ground decarbed bud. He’s been using the method for a while, but finds himself stymied over finding a way to get a consistent dose. Weighing may be an option, if a good scale is available, in which...
  3. Ron Strider

    Yes, Marijuana Powder Is A Thing

    The annals of humankind will surely reflect kindly on globe-shattering advances hatched right here in California, including UCLA's proto-internet, The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, the iPhone and, of course, putting french fries in your burrito. You can now add marijuana powder to that list...
  4. R

    PH down liquid or powder

    I had bought a liquid PH kit that came with 2 small bottles of DOWN and UP. I literally used almost 70% of the PH DOWN just to get two 5 gallon reservoirs (buckets) to 5.8-6.0 PH which I had only put roughly 3 gallons of 7.6 PH water in each reservoir. For 1 gallon of the liquid PH DOWN is...
  5. Ron Strider

    7 Great Health Benefits Of Hemp Protein Powder

    It’s a little known fact that you can make protein out of hemp and that it comes with a long list of benefits that can help you be super healthy while also working some magic for your system. This protein powder is made out of the grinding of the seeds of the plant, leaving you with a hemp...
  6. V

    White powder & drying signs on the leaf

    Hello, its almost a month and I have seen like a white powder and some drying signs on the leafs. picture: what sign is it? how can I fix it? thank you.
  7. S

    New Guy

    Hi all, Good to be among you. I have recently decided to grow my own medicine. Stealth op in a walk in closet. I chose to grow using DWC. I have 2 Viparspecter 450s and am currently growing rogue seeds from some Jack. Over the past few days there has been a development of powder around my basket...
  8. B


    Hi this is my first in door grow, iam growing in soil ,iam at my second week of flower 12/12 and just noticed my ak 47 developed small sacks ,i removed the sacks with tweezers that i could find on plant ,noticed white powder spilled out one off the sacks ,i spayed the powder with a fine mist of...
  9. W

    Pice ar y Maen Recipe

    Pice ar y maen or welshcakes are a treat passed on through generations and still as popular as ever, here though we are going to add an extra little twist. Recipe makes 16 welsh cakes. Ingredients: 225g plain flour 85g caster sugar ½ tsp mixed spice ½ tsp baking powder Baking powder...
  10. L

    Questions about powder mold

    Hey Everyone i had a question about powder mold on fan leaf.. i picked up someone clones from a club and about 3 days after i got them i started see what i think is powered mold on the leaf.. not very much but this is the first time i've had this issue.. whats the best way to nip it in the...
  11. S

    Are powder nutes ok in DWC?

    I have those flowering nutes bag standing just near my window with 13/40/13 and it just hurts to buy 10/50/10 shultz for 15 euro when I have some just right now,its simple company tho not shultz/brand.So does anyone use powder nutes in dwc? dont they make too much salts? I used up to 400-500ppm...
  12. Upinsmoke535

    Hemp CBD powder and VG

    hello everyone. i have come across some crystallized CBD powder and am looking to infuse it into vegetable glycerin for vape juice and oral tinctures. i am not sure how to cook it up and would really like some help on this. anything helps.
  13. T

    Canna Oil help?!

    I have 2 ounces of "powder" and I would like to know, when making cannabis oil, will powder material take less time to cook than regular shake material? This is my 2st attempt at oil and I was also wondering how long is the recommended cooking time for oil? I wanna get it right.
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