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  1. P013onEr

    When flip to 12/12 to make my girl flower?

    See the attachment. It Power plant from Dutch Passion You can see my previous post .I think it should be auto , but it's regular female seed. I'm wrong, Waiting for 8 weeks but nothing happened. I cut most of fan leaves and LST on 4 nodes .Coz I never know It's a regular seed! So I have 2...
  2. O

    Southern Hemisphere - Outdoor - Blue Dream - Mango - Purple Widow - Auto

    So - I've wanted to start a grow journal a long time ago. Well not a long time ago. But when I've started to grow cannabis. I've got so many thoughs to pin down, but I guess I'm lazy and I forget me thoughts until I remember them again. Something like that. I am not a cannabis user. Where I...
  3. B

    Please help! huge problems in DWC

    :helpsmilie: Hey, got massive problem in flowering room. I have planted in DWC 50 clones from my Power Plant mother They were 2 weeks old, rooted and seemed to be happy in veg. Than i moved to flower room: -63L black boxes -well aired water with bubblers -water temp 20C / 68F -air...
  4. CheesyPuffs

    Weird Sex Organs?

    Hello, This is my first post. I'm doing my first small grow with seeds. I've done one before, but it was from clones. I'm growing 2 Cheesy Dick, 1 Moby Dick, and 4 Dutch Passion Power Plant. All of them are from feminized seeds. Most of my plants have started to show sex. I'm waiting on...
  5. M

    Moriarty's Wierd Spliff Seeds Gold Line Power Plant Grow

    Hello all, I brought back some seeds from Amsterdam about a year and a half ago, and now that I have some closet space to myself I figured I'd give it a go. I germinated two seeds, of which one took hold, the other grew with the seed on its head and when I tried to get it off, pop. Head came...
  6. DrTentgrow

    Power plant (sativa dominant) how much stretch?

    Hello i have some power plants on the go and was wondering how much they will stretch when put on 12/12 bearing in mind they have been topped and lst'd? how much does topping lst'n ect.. effect the stretch? check out my 1200 w power plant journal for pics. thanks for any help i get.
  7. DrTentgrow

    DrTentgrow and William Blazes 1200W Power Plant

    Air 150mm 720m3/h extractor fan and carbon filter fan speed controller 10" circulation fan 2kw oil filled heater on a thermostat Light 1 x 250w cfl blue spectrum 2 x 600w magnetic ballasts mh and hps bulbs 2kw contactor relay digital timers Soil, pots ect... 1l round deep...
  8. DrTentgrow

    Help plants from same area, 1 lot doing well the other not!

    Hello all, i have been pulling my hair out recently!! i had 10 dutch passion powerplants on the go about 3 weeks out and were doing very well! i could only grow 6 in this area so i gave some away 2 of which to a friend with a good little setup in a wardrobe, only problem is after about a week...
  9. A

    1st Bloombox Grow - Big Bud - Cheese

    I am very new to all of this and I am ready to embark on this exciting journey with BC Northern-lights Bloombox... I hope you all will follow me on this journey and help me out throughout the process. I have done most of my research and BC Northern-lights comes with step by step instructions...