Weird Sex Organs?


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This is my first post. I'm doing my first small grow with seeds. I've done one before, but it was from clones. I'm growing 2 Cheesy Dick, 1 Moby Dick, and 4 Dutch Passion Power Plant. All of them are from feminized seeds.

Most of my plants have started to show sex. I'm waiting on a few of the CD and MD, but most of them are looking female. However, the Dutch Passion Power Plant looks... weird. I guess they look male, but I'm not sure. Their sex bits look more like a new leafy branch growing out. It's odd that out of 5 feminized seeds, all of them would be male. I'm feeling panicky. I don't know if I should pull them or not. They've started showing maybe 4 days ago and I'm worried they'll pollinate my other ones (the few I have left!).

Yes, the plants have been topped, and there are two main stalks now growing with these strange growths on either side of the new mains where a calyx or ball would normally be.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
First, welcome to :420::welcome:

While it looks to me that the growth is coming from the position that the sex organs would normaly grow, it doesn't quite look like an expression of sex to me. Like you stated, it looks like just slightly abnormal growth of new branches.
In all honesty, you won't have to worry about them pollenating the others, (if in fact its male) for at least another week. Here's what I would do:
I'd have handy a spray bottle full of water. Spritz the plant down 4-5 times a day to kill any rogue pollen, and watch to see if it develops into the tell-tale male flowers, or if female pre-flowers pop up sometime in the next week. I wouldn't stress it too much just yet.
If you have the time, update this thread every day with those fantastic photos you take, and the fine folks here at 420Magazine should be able to help you out. I'm a very novice grower myself, so please don't hesitate to look for other information from others here on this site.
Again, welcome to the family, and hope to see you around for years to come!:Namaste:
No worries. For the record, upon a third look at those pics, it reall looks to me like branching, not a male at all. Some plants take longer to express sex than others, and it looks to me like this one is just a slacker. Good luck!:thumb:
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