1. Catwhisperer

    Plastic is killing me - Trying to grow some veggies in hydro

    I know its half way off topic and other half is on topic. I used to grow weed in hydro but now I want to grow tomatoes ,cucumber & whatever. By that I started to look at plastic and their food safeness, the problem is: you can read something on the internet and the absolute opposite also...so...
  2. T

    A Little Help With Door/Air/Lighting on my tent?

    Alright, so I've just finished my flower tent, which I have some seedlings and younger plants I started flowering early while I get my veg tent set up, and I have a few questions, because I'm sure I'll run into the same problems when building the veg tent. I'll be posting pictures below for...
  3. T

    Fullmeltalchemist's - Perpetual - 1400W - RWDC

    My name is Fullmeltalchemist and I like to grow the marijuana. I use DWC and now RDWC along with GH Flora 3-part and Grotek supplements. My main light is a 1000w HPS and the veg lights are a 400w MH and 150w HPS. My RDWC: Step one: Install 4 1/2" PVC bungs into equally spaced 1 1/4" from the...
  4. T

    first time pvc pipe setup

    Hello everyone, I'm a new but we'll educated grower experimenting with hydroponics for personal medication, I also truly enjoy the hobby aspects of growing, although it is proving to be a lot of work and trouble... I previously tried with soil but. Dirt.. is dirty. And building my new hydro...
  5. Y

    Glues for PVC

    Ok Gang....I have looked all over for this....but here it is...I'm putting together a Aeroponic manifold for my reservoir...and I was wanting to know what kind of PVC Glue to use...should it be the primer/glue one or can I use any kind of pvc cement???? wanting it to be plant safe....any advise...
  6. S

    PVC Pipe 10x10 Frame - good or bad

    MY friend built a 10 x10 cube out of 1" PVC pipe and wrapped it in mylar. That friend and I are no longer doing this together so I went to my local Hydro store and he told me to trash the entire thing because he says PVC is toxic to the plants when it is heated up. It's a beautiful cube so I am...
  7. O

    PVC pipe tent.Bad?

    Hey. Heres one for Ya. RoorRip Is PVC Pipe bad to use as a frame for a grow box? I know PVC tent walls are bad and will off-gass, but will the PVC frame do the same....wrapped in panda-poly? How about duct tape? Thanks in advance everyone! :thankyou:
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