PVC Pipe 10x10 Frame - good or bad


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MY friend built a 10 x10 cube out of 1" PVC pipe and wrapped it in mylar. That friend and I are no longer doing this together so I went to my local Hydro store and he told me to trash the entire thing because he says PVC is toxic to the plants when it is heated up. It's a beautiful cube so I am hesitant to take it down but obviously if it is toxic I will have to. Please tell me your opinion on PVC and if you agree with the hydro guy.
I guess it depends on who you ask. Here are links to opposing views on the use of PVC.

PVC Hydroponics FAQ | Easy Hydroponics

PVC: The Poison Plastic

Personally if it is just used for the frame I wouldn't worry about it. I used to buy pot in plastic baggies, I grow in plastic buckets. You can see my setup here.
Hey to All,Im New Here, My Closet Setup I use pvc pipe to hold the buckets up for drainage. If the PVC got hot enough to release toxins your plants would be a shriveled up mess I think. Is the guy at the store wanting to sell you a tent?
I have to agree with markers you should be good. Before I upgraded to HID lights I made a DIY CFL setup with 20 bulbs and it was constructed of 1 1/4" PVC the tee's even held the sockets and I had many a successful grow using that thing and in summer one time I had a fan failure came home temp was 108 in my stealth dresser never had a problem.
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