1. S

    Is this fake weed?

    Is this fake weed???
  2. P

    Root Temp & Room Temp

    I am in need of growing my cannibis in a more secure location. Problem is, it’s hard to keep the room temperature at a consistent level. I’ve heard that keeping the water that the roots are in at a certain temperature can keep the plant going well even if the room gets hot. If I bought a water...
  3. Reegansmit

    Is this bud ready for harvest?

    It's been in flowering for a while now, I'm not sure how long it should take before I harvest it.
  4. D

    My first South America grow - Questions Questions Questions

    With only growing experience in Canada it's obviously not the same, Brazil is where I will be - and it's my first time with a outdoor crop before I was used to indoor growing. With low stress training and super cropping pretty much as often as possible when they were young. Do the same...
  5. M

    First time grower here with a question

    So I'm starting with a simple setup 3 plants 600 watt light and a grow tent that is like 4x3x4 anyway my main questions are #1 - what sized pots should I use #2- and after germination whats the best type of soil to use. btw I am going to be growing Candy Cane if that matters. I'm pretty excited...
  6. H

    The Stinkbud Way

    Harvest a pound every three weeks! The Stinkbud way I've decided that, when I get moved to my new place, this is the way I'm going to go. I don't want to resurrect a zombie thread but I do have a few questions. It appears that stinkbud has moved on for at least a while so I can't ask him...
  7. Why Doe

    My new indoor setup

    Just wanted to share! Spent the last few hours tearing down the old tent and setting up the new. Becides harvest day, setup day is my favorite! Any questions feel free to ask :)
  8. agrlhasnoname

    Have questions - Leaves yellowing

    Hello all, I am new here so im not sure if i am doing this right but here goes.. I am new to growing and I was given 2 MOB clones, I have them in 5 gallon fabric type containers. They are already flowering and have grown quite a lot but some leaves at the bottom are yellowing and now it is...
  9. A

    First grow questions

    So.. im super excited for my first grow, as i just ordered a 24x24x48 tent with a 450w led. When the seeds seeds are germinated and planted, you can decide the height factor by enducing the flowering stage correct? Tbe tent is only 4ft, and its only for personal smoke. I was planning on ordering...
  10. Ron Strider

    AR: Your Questions About Medical Marijuana Enforcement Answered

    Medical marijuana sparked a lot of questions in Arkansas. Dozens of questions were submitted to 11 Listens by viewers about how everyone from police to prosecutors will enforce the medical marijuana laws. Here are some of those questions. “Can you carry medical marijuana on your person?” We...
  11. Why Doe

    A few questions

    Hey guys thanks for taking the time to help out a newbie, I've done hell of lot of research and learned almost all that I can but most people don't seem to talk about these things 1. Do I measure PH on plain water then add nutrients or do I measure the PH with the nutrients already mixed or...
  12. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Health And Safety Line

    With the rapid growth of Denver's marijuana industry, questions from public health professionals, marijuana product consumers, and marijuana industry professionals alike are popping up with increased frequency. The hotline is a 3-month pilot project supported by the City of Denver and the...
  13. N

    Ventilation for Grow Box question

    Hey folks, first time poster long time lurker. I got the ok from the wife lady for a grow box, first time growing and so far search has answered all my questions except this one... I have a 48''x36''x77'' (lxwxh) cabinet I have built from my left over lumber pile, I will be adding a...
  14. Gunslinger261

    New member

    Just wanted to say hi and looking forward to helping and asking questions when I start my grow next year.
  15. C

    Feel like such a dunce

    Hi I am new here. New as in maneuvering around the sight, posting, etc. From what I have been able to see is some amazing people helping, assisting and caring to the best of their abilities. What a fantastic forum to be a part of. In short time I will be getting my "green" card and I'm sure I...
  16. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Health And Safety Hotline Now Available In Colorado

    Health officials in Colorado have launched a new call center for people who have health questions related to marijuana use. Pharmacists, nurses and toxicology experts from Denver Health's Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center will be available to answer questions 24 hours a day, seven days a...
  17. 2


    Hello! I'm excited to join this page. I have questions about the YAK oil (Rick Simpson Oil). Where should I post my questions? Thank you!
  18. S

    Flushing Questions

    Hey boys, hope ya'll are having a great day! I have a couple questions regarding flushing. I've been giving my plants nutrients from pretty much the time they were vegging to today. One of my girls is pretty much ready for the chop, but I'm debating about giving it a couple good flushes...
  19. ChronicMonkey

    Padawan grower

    hey there new to the whole growing scene especially the indoor growing scene. I just recently finished building my grow cabinet and still in the process of purchasing the much needed inside components for the grow. i have a few questions but not sure what sections to post them in. Like...
  20. mackdaddyerb


    whats up guys thought I should introduce myself (after already making 2 posts, sorry) Recently moved country from UK (abundance of weed for me) to somewhere that only hash exists As much as I enjoy hash, its not the same enjoyment for me I also plan to switch to dry herb vaping, which seems...
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