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Root Temp & Room Temp


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I am in need of growing my cannibis in a more secure location. Problem is, it’s hard to keep the room temperature at a consistent level. I’ve heard that keeping the water that the roots are in at a certain temperature can keep the plant going well even if the room gets hot.

If I bought a water cooler that would keep the water at a temperature range (if so, what temperature), would it keep the plants alive and not cause any problems?

Much help would be appreciated as soon as possible. Thank you!


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Are you running soil, coco or hydro? Are you using Co2? There are sites that say 65-85 degrees and 77 degrees is optimum and that's for soil.
I'd imagine it would be the same for hydro but I can't honestly say. I try to keep my whole garden and 77 even in the veg room and for years they been happy. Hardly show deficiencies an the growth is ridiculous it's hard to keep up with sometimes.

Hope I helped.


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In DWC hydro, water over 21C rapidly starts losing its ability to hold oxygen and opens the roots up to root diseases, so anything that keeps it below that is good. Hot air temps aren't the problem that hot water temps are. I would also look at getting lots of bubbles going as well with a good air pump or another air pump/airstones.
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